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Emu Oil
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size 4 oz (120 ml)

Our Ultra-Premium Emu Oil is a 100% pure and fully refined oil. This oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which provide unmatched moisturizing benefits to the skin and hair.

  • Hydrates dry, itchy or flaky skin and nails
  • Reduces scars, dark spots, burns and other discoloration of the skin
  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties to soothe injuries such as aching joints, muscles and burns
  • Rejuvenates and replenishes hair by nourishing the scalp and fortifying hair follicles
  • Emu Oil is naturally rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which deliver powerful moisture for more radiant, youthful and plumper skin


Shake Well Before Use.
Always start with a few drops and increase as needed. A little bit goes a long way.

Face & Skin: Dab a few drops of InstaNatural’s Emu Oil into your hands and apply on dry skin. Oil will absorb quickly. Wipe off excess if you apply too much.

Hair: Pour a few drops into your hands and rub into hair, starting at the tips and working your way towards the scalp. For dry damaged hair, try a leave in treatment by applying 4-6 drops and working into hair. 



100% Pure & Fully Refined Emu Oil

Our Emu Oil is 100% Pure and Fully Refined so it is hypoallergenic and does not contain any contaminants. Emu Oil must be refined in order to get rid of the bacteria and contaminants present in the oil, which includes unnecessary hormones, toxic metals, and possible pesticides, viruses and infections. Unrefined Emu Oil is not completely sterile and has a greater chance of being contaminated, which is why we heat our oil to extremely high temperatures to ensure safety.


Perfect For:

All Skin Types

All Hair Types

Additional Uses:

Skin, Hair & Nails

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this product help with stretch marks?

A: Our Emu Oil can assist with healing damaged skin, though we would recommend trying our Scar & Stretch Mark Cream instead. It will certainly target that particular issue more aggressively.

Q: What is the expiration date for this product?

A: The expiration date for our Emu Oil is 12 months once it has been opened.

Q: How do I use the Emu Oil for hair growth?

A: For extensive hair growth needs, we recommend massaging the Emu Oil into your scalp three times daily to maximize results. If possible, it also helps to leave in the treatment for a boost in absorption. You can leave it in for 5 minutes, 15 minutes, a couple hours, or even overnight before rinsing out. You can also choose to add Emu Oil directly to your shampoo and/or conditioner.

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