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Our Values

As a team, we have collectively built our set of values that are direct reflections of each employee that works at InstaNatural:

  • You are Passionate: Because of your own internal drive, you have a dedication to excellence that is harmonized with our pursuit of the corporate vision
  • You are Entrepreneurial: You know when to take risks, solve problems like an owner, and you bring a point of view to the table (not just the issue)
  • You are of high Integrity: Even when it’s not in your best interest, you choose to do the right thing
  • You are Growth-Minded: You have a personal and professional drive for growth that pushes the status quo and your comfort zone
  • You have a Sense of Humor: You don’t take yourself too seriously, you laugh often, and in your relationships, you cultivate authenticity and accessibility
  • You are Impactful: You do your job with your personal purpose and mission woven through it—people know what you personally stand for
  • You are Authentic: You say what you think, and no one wonders how you feel
  • You are Humble: You check our ego at the door and recognize that we’re all equal, and you choose to build others up
  • You are Autonomous: You recognize that you’re trusted, and you self-govern your job with the freedom that comes with that trust
  • You buy in to Diversity: You recognize the power of different backgrounds and perspectives, you innately respect people, and are unified by our shared vision and values
  • You are Innovative: You’re not afraid to try new things, asking “why” and “why not” so that we grow collectively and individually


Our Vision:

To become the most impactful, culturally relevant personal care company in the world.


Our Mission:

InstaNatural was created out of a desire to be exceptional. 

Our founder, AJ Patel, endeavored to create the biggest and best skin care brand online, even before he sold his first product. 

Our horizons have broadened, but our cornerstone of being unparalleled remains constant: we will sell world-class consumer products that exceed the standards of our discerning customer base, relentlessly improving ourselves, and choosing to do good on the path to becoming great.