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InstaNatural’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide – 9 Gifts to Simplify Your List

Holiday shopping can feel like a whirlwind event, especially when you’re looking to find the perfect gift for multiple people with varying preferences. Skin care makes an excellent treat for any beauty or self-care enthusiast in your life but selecting the right fit can seem tricky when your shopping with someone else in mind.

We’re here to simplify the process for you, rounding up 9 different options for the different types of people in your life. No need to know their skin type or concern, this list breaks down options based on their favorite hobbies and habits – from your Makeup Lover to your Workout Buddy and everything in between.

Makeup Lover (Lipstick Emoji) - Rose Makeup Cleansing Balm


A rising trend for both makeup junkies and skin care enthusiasts alike is the double cleanse. It involves pairing a gentle, nourishing oil-based cleansing balm with your favorite gel cleanser to thoroughly remove makeup (even waterproof) and impurities without overworking or stripping the skin. Make makeup remover wipes a thing of the past and treat someone to our Rose Makeup Cleansing Balm – not only is it more eco-friendly than wipes, but it feels and smells divine!


Selfcare Queen (Crown Emoji) - Crepe Skin Firming Cream


Many of us are guilty of having a detailed, extensive skin care routine for our face but lack a body care routine altogether. Just as we should cleanse, exfoliate (1-2 per week), treat and moisturize our face, the same goes for our bodies. Gift our Crepe Skin Firming Cream to someone who is looking to complete their full routine - this powerhouse will hydrate and smooth the skin’s appearance while improving tone and texture over time. 

Multi "Masker" (Sparkles Emoji) - Glycolic Peel


On the topic of self care, we all know that one person who seems to have a face mask to treat any and every skin care concern. Our Glycolic Peel provides the perfect skin refresh for a “Mask Monday” (or any day) by gently exfoliating dead skin cells or buildup through benefit of AHAs. We recommend doing so once a week and if you do decide to follow it with a treatment mask - choose one that is hydrating, nourishing or soothing.

DIYer (Herb Emoji) - Organic Argan Oil

Applying Skin Care Product on Face


DIYers or “Do It Yourself” experts, especially those with a passion for skin care are pros at whipping up creams, scrubs, and bath treats to name a few. Carrier oils are an essential element to creating a perfect base for these projects. One of our favorites is Organic Argan Oil because it is versatile, lightweight, nourishing and suitable for all skin types. We’ve even dedicated an entire post to 25 Beauty Recipes You Can Make With Argan Oil!

Glow Getter (Tangerine Emoji) - Vitamin C Serum


Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that not only has a brightening effect on the skin, but fights discoloration with consistent use. Gift our bestselling Vitamin C Serum to the friend who is looking to even out their complexion while adding that “glow” factor to their skin. Lightweight and easy to incorporate into an existing routine, this all-in-one serum protects, treats, hydrates, and prevents future signs of aging!

Early Bird (Sunny Emoji) - Vitamin C Cleanser


Early mornings, while natural to some, can be bit of a struggle for many. One of the best ways to combat the urge to jump right back into bed after silencing your alarm is to commit to a morning routine, specifically an AM skin care routine. Start the day off right with a gentle, refreshing cleanser like our fan-favorite Vitamin C Cleanser. This will make a great gift for the early riser in your life – its light citrus aroma delivers a much-needed wake up call!

Night Owl (Cresent_Moon Emoji) - Eye Serum

InstaNatural Eye Serum


Color correcting has become a quick fix for a common enemy, dark circles, as orange tones help balance out blue toned discoloration under the eyes. While many add a color correcting cream to their makeup routine, this option only provides a temporary solution as it has no anti-aging benefit. Gift our hydrating, lifting and antioxidant rich Eye Serum to the friend who isn’t shy of a late night - a little goes a long way and its natural orange tint adds a subtle brightening effect to the under eyes!

Frequent Flyer (Airplane Emoji) - Marula Oil

InstaNatural's Organic Marula Oil


Whether they are traveling for work or jet-setting to another country for vacay, frequent flyers know the effect that long-haul flights (and recycled air) can have on the skin. It’s critical to not only protect the skin when flying, but to lock in moisture to prevent breakouts and overall dryness. Our Organic Marula Oil is not only an anti-microbial but will prevent water loss during a flight, deeply hydrating the skin without feeling heavy or greasy.

Workout Buddy (Lifting-Weights Emoji) - Organic Rose Water



Hitting the gym and working up a sweat can have lasting benefits on our physical and mental health. Starting your fitness journey can be daunting but recruiting an active friend to help guide and motivate your workout can make it that much easier. Thank them by helping them care for their skin while doing what they do best – our Organic Rose Water will help balance, calm and soothe the skin post workout.

Green Heart Emoji

Finding the perfect gift doesn’t have to stress you or your wallet out. At InstaNatural, we believe that clean and effective skin care should be accessible and affordable to all. So whether you’re shopping for the Frequent Flyer or treating yourself as a Glow Getter, we hope that this roundup helps you check off your list early this year - Happy Holidays!