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5 Nighttime Skin Care Tips

InstaNatural Team
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It goes without saying that one of the best feelings is being able to come back home after a long day of work and set aside some time to focus on taking care of yourself and body.

Your nighttime routine might be your optimal, and maybe only, time for yourself. So, while you’re treating your skin to extra nutrients and nourishment, look at your nighttime routine as an opportunity for some self care and much needed time to yourself.

Nighttime isn’t just a time when you can get your rest and recharge, but it’s also your skin’s time to do the same. While you get your beauty sleep, your skin heals and repairs itself. This process is accelerated with the proper skin products and ingredients, making it extremely important for you to be consistent with your nighttime routine so that your skin can properly recover from the day on a nightly basis.

We have put together our top five skin care tips below so you can make the most of your time for yourself at night.

1. Remove Your Makeup 

 InstaNatural - Rose Makeup Cleansing Balm

There is no better feeling than when it is time to wash away all your makeup. It’s essential that you start your nighttime skin care routine by removing your makeup. If you skip your skin care routine and go straight to bed with a full face of makeup on, dirt and debris from your day will stay on your face throughout the night. Without proper removal and cleansing, your skin can become irritated and more prone to breakouts. Our favorite way to remove makeup is with InstaNatural’s Rose Makeup Cleansing Balm. This product effortlessly melts away makeup, dirt and excess oil on the skin. For more information on cleansing balms check out this blog.

To be thorough, consider double cleansing your face. This calls for first removing your makeup with a makeup wipe, oil, or cleansing balm and later following up with a face cleanser. Having your makeup already removed allows for the second cleanser to target your specific skin concerns. Our favorite way to double cleanse is with InstaNatural’s Vitamin C Cleanser. With a clean, fresh face your skin will be ready to soak in all the nourishing ingredients from the rest of your skin care routine!

2. Masks, masks & masks

InstaNatural Glycolic Peel

Most facial masks are best to use at least 1-2 times a week since they’re more powerful than everyday skin care products. Every now and then though, after cleansing your skin, consider applying a face mask to further treat your skin care concerns.

Adding a facial mask to your nighttime skin care routine can provide extra nourishment and treatment, depending on your skin type and skin concern. InstaNatural’s Glycolic Peel is another great way to exfoliate the skin. This Glycolic Peel is a professional grade exfoliation treatment infused with powerful ingredients designed to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, discoloration and pores while also providing nourishment to the skin.

Consider adding a face mask such as InstaNatural's Exfoliating Glycolic Mask  into your nighttime routine. It’ll leave your skin soft and smooth, along with adding extra care for any skin concerns. And who doesn’t love a good face mask?

3. Wash the Day Away with Your Perfect Nighttime Skin Care Routine

Female applying night cream to her face from a jar

Your skin care routine at night should differ from the day. Undoubtedly, your skin care routines should tailor to your skin care concerns morning and night. During the day, your skin care products are typically lighter, and they should focus on protecting your skin from environmental factors, such as the sunlight. At night, your skin care products are typically heavier, and they should focus on repairing and restoring your skin while you rest.

When finding an effective nighttime skin care routine, it is important to look for specific ingredients that will work well for your skin type and concerns. Glycolic Acid and Vitamin C are a couple of our favorites. 

Glycolic Acid is a natural, gentle exfoliant. It works to remove dulling skin cells and boosts cell turnover so that the skin is left even, smooth and bright. Vitamin C provides antioxidant defense while brightening, toning and tightening the appearance of skin. It also supports healthy collagen production.

At night, a Glycolic Acid Cleanser and a Glycolic Acid Serum are great products to use to gently exfoliate the skin and remove dirt and debris from the day. In the morning, you can follow up with a moisturizer with an SPF so that you can protect the smooth skin you achieved the night before.

4. Stay Hydrated 

Water splashing against a surface

While you’re sleeping, your body goes for a long period of time without having a drop of water, which can ultimately take a toll on your skin. Before bed, make it a habit to drink a glass of water so that your skin isn’t dehydrated throughout the night.

Additionally, try to hydrate your body topically as well. Creams and lotions that contain hyaluronic acid work to hydrate the skin, which can reduce the effects of water loss that happens overnight. Internal hydration from drinking water before bed, and external hydration from applying moisturizing products to your skin can help your skin feel plump and well-nourished come the morning time.

5. Get Your Shut Eye


Female closing her eyes after completing her nighttime skin care routine

The last step for ensuring the best care for nighttime skin care is making sure you get enough sleep and rest. It is recommended to get between 7 and 8 hours of sleep a night. Your skin does most of its healing and repairing while you sleep at night, and without enough rest, your skin won’t have enough time to properly repair itself.

The magic of your nighttime skin care products plus a good night’s rest make for better mornings. Your skin has the chance to soak in all the nourishing qualities from your products overnight while you sleep so that you wake up with a brighter complexion. After all, they don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing!


As you wind down at night, make sure to set aside some time for yourself and take care of you and your skin. A proper nighttime routine full of self-care and skin care will make you feel great inside and out. 

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