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4 Incredible Reasons to Try Hyaluronic Acid

4 Incredible Reasons to Try Hyaluronic Acid

InstaNatural Team
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In skin care, Hyaluronic Acid gets a lot of praise but there isn't much information out there about why you should try it. If you ever wondered what exactly is Hyaluronic Acid, or what makes it so great, we have the skinny on why this remarkable ingredient is something you should incorporate into your daily skincare regimen.



First off, the hyaluronic in hyaluronic acid is pronounced hy·al·uron·ic for those who have trouble pronouncing it like we do (or check out this site to hear it out loud). Before being popular in skincare products, Hyaluronic Acid was mainly used as an anionic (a special kind of negative ion) in medicine for eye surgery since the 70s. Also known as hyaluronan and hyaluronate, the word “Hyaluronic” is derived from the Greek hyalos (meaning glass), due to its transparent appearance. Unlike glass however, it has a thick and gooey texture and can be applied on the skin or taken as a nutritional supplement in pill form. It is also being used more and more in beauty products and even in makeup products today such as lip glosses, eye shadow and tinted creams.


Hyaluronic Acid in the Body

Hyaluronic Acid is naturally occurring in the human body, especially in the spaces between our skin cells and in the inner part of our eyes and joints. While its main function is as a space filler and cushioning agent, Hyaluronic Acid also gives our eyes their unique spherical shape and structure. Although the word “acid” may cause some concerns to those unfamiliar with this ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid isn’t as harsh as it sounds and is in fact a powerful moisturizer for our skin cells and a great shock absorber for our joints.

Hyaluronic Acid in Skincare Products

For cosmetic and skincare products, Hyaluronic Acid is derived from either plant or animal sources. The most popular animal source for this compound is rooster combs. However a popular vegan alternative that boasts the same results can be found from plant cells. InstaNatural processes our botanical Hyaluronic Acid ingredient through this measure. It is completely safe to use with no harsh chemical additives you may find in other formulas. Hyaluronic Acid can also be derived from the cells of bacillus subtilis, a bacterium naturally found in soil and grass.


The Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is important to improving the skin’s appearance because it is present in about 50 percent of our bodies. Babies have plump and soft-looking cheeks because babies are born with a high amount of Hyaluronic Acid. Sadly, the amount of Hyaluronic Acid in our skin diminishes as we age, especially after our 40s. And with this significant decrease of Hyaluronic Acid comes drastic changes to our skin in the result of fine lines, a loss of skin elasticity and wrinkles.

While you can’t get your skin back to baby-smooth, skincare products containing Hyaluronic Acid can help you naturally achieve a more youthful look through its wondrous benefits.


4 Incredible Reasons to Try Hyaluronic Acid

 1) Great for All Skin Types

Hyaluronic Acid is suitable for all skin types because of its incredible chemical structure. It can retain up to 1,000 times its weight  in water. While this may sound like bad news for oily skin types, the moisture Hyaluronic Acid locks in is far better than any harsh  chemical frequently used to control oily skin. Because water does not mix with oil and your skin still needs moisture even if your  skin is oily, Hyaluronic Acid is perfect for even the oiliest of skins. As an added bonus, Hyaluronic Acid won’t make your skin peel  or feel dehydrated unlike those harsh chemicals.

For individuals with dark spots and scarring, Hyaluronic Acid can do wonders for your skin too. This moisturizing compound works to reduce scarring that often occurs as a result of frequent breakouts. While some dermatologists recommend directly injecting Hyaluronic Acid directly into these facial scars, this option is not as affordable or pleasant for those who dislike needles. For facial scarring, we recommend using a serum with 5-10% Hyaluronic Acid. Daily applications to the skin will help to reduce  scarring overtime in the comfort of your own home.


 2) Optimal for Anti-Aging

 Hyaluronic Acid promotes a firmer and more plump skin tone, which is a plus for those looking to improve skin elasticity. It’s also a  healthier anti-aging alternative free of side-effects, unlike more complicated and risky procedures like Botox. Applying Hyaluronic  Acid to the skin directly is also a more affordable alternative to injecting it into delicate parts of your skin (especially if you are weary of needles). By plumping up the skin with moisture, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines will be reduced, leaving you with a more youthful and healthier complexion.


3) Minimizes Damage from Sun Exposure

When applied to the skin, Hyaluronic Acid penetrates the dead cell layer and is directly absorbed through the skin. This means that Hyaluronic Acid works immediately to increase hydration and help minimize the damage caused by free radicals by protecting your delicate skin from UV damage. It is also been known to reduce inflammatory skin lesions due to sun exposure over time. While Hyaluronic Acid provides some relief from the damaging effects of sun damage, it is recommended that you apply sun screen over it for daily optimum sun protection.


4) Works Well with Other Products

Because a molecule of Hyaluronic Acid is so large, it does not easily react with other anti-aging, sunscreen or blemish-fighting medications. So if you use any other skincare products, you can rest assured that you won’t experience any negative reactions. In fact, some of those products may even contain Hyaluronic Acid!

In skincare products, one of the best natural ingredients Hyaluronic Acid works best with is Vitamin C because both elements synergistically work to improve the health and appearance of the skin. In fact, many serums with Hyaluronic Acid also include Vitamin C so you can reap double the benefits for your skin.

Hyaluronic Acid also works great with natural oils and extracts that firm the skin and provide moisture. A few of these include: aloe vera, jojoba oil, green tea extract and geranium essential oils.

It’s easy to see why trying Hyaluronic Acid is worth a try with all these amazing benefits! Hyaluronic Acid has been around for a while and isn't going anywhere as it is a very versatile ingredient because of its extraordinary moisture retention abilities. Hyaluronic Acid’s benefits are clear as a natural agent known to reduce inflammation and provide excellent hydration to all skin types. It works well with many other vitamins and minerals found in skin products. Several of our products contain this valuable ingredient, so feel free to give any of them a try to obtain the healthy and radiant youthful complexion of your dreams.

Written By: Maria Carrillo