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How to Stop Going Around in Dark Circles

How to Stop Going Around in Dark Circles

InstaNatural Team
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Where Dark Circles Come From

Have you ever had someone you know walk up to greet you and say "wow, you look tired. Is everything okay?" 

I swear, if I had a nickel for every time I've heard that, I'd probably be too rich to care about it! But, since I haven't gotten any checks in the mail, the next best thing I could do (other than feel annoyed) was figure out why myself and so many other men and women suffer from dark circles; and more importantly, find out what can be done about it.

Although there's definitely truth to tiredness playing a major role in the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, there are a handful of other factors that cause these noticeable circles to emerge that have nothing to do with your sleep habits at all! So, don't make yourself frustrated if you still see them after getting several consecutive nights of good sleep. And more importantly, don't start thinking you're stuck with dark circles for life.

Cause 1: Lack of Sleep

As I mentioned earlier, losing sleep is indeed one of the primary catalysts for the emergence of dark circles. And yes, getting more sleep can definitely help! Without enough sleep, a chemical steroid hormone called cortisol ramps up in order to help give us as much energy as possible. Problem is, cortisol accomplishes this by increasing the amount of blood in our bodies, which makes the blood vessels below our eyes more pronounced and visible. So, if you haven't been getting enough sleep, it's entirely possible that those dark circles you see are a result increased blood volume.

Cause 2: Loss of Elasticity

However, sometimes getting the appropriate amount of rest doesn't always do the trick as we age. As the years pass, the skin under our eyes will gradually lose its elasticity, which thins the skin and makes the blood that permeates around our under-eye area more noticeable -- thereby producing that dark blueish tint we typically associate with dark circles. But tiredness and age aren't the only factors that cause dark circles to surface.

Cause 3: Genetics

Genetics can play just as large of a role in developing them as well. If thin under-eye skin happens to run in the family, the likelihood of having dark circles heightens significantly. Not only that, but there's other possible causes of dark circles which includes mental or physical stress, allergy issues, preexisting skin conditions, smoking and unhealthy diets.

With all these factors that can cause dark circles to appear, it can start to feel a little overwhelming, can't it? But don't worry. Dark circles are nothing to lose sleep about! There's all sorts of incredibly helpful methods and eye care products out there that can help reduce their appearance, and some are simpler than you think.


Treatments for Dark Circles

Solution 1: Cucumbers

If you think that your dark circles are forming due to a lack of sleep or an abundance of stress, a great home remedy you can try is the good old fashioned cucumber treatment. Cucumbers come packed with natural astringent properties that can help tighten the skin under the eyes to reduce the appearance of dark circles. Try resting two slices of chilled cucumber over your eyes for 10-15 minutes twice a day, and you may notice a more refreshed under-eye appearance within a few weeks!

Solution 2: Caffeine

Another nifty trick to reduce dark circles is using caffeinated tea bags, which are packed with tannin that helps reduce discoloration under your eyes, as well as helping to decrease puffiness which sometimes makes dark circles more noticeable. Try leaving two caffeinated tea bags in the refrigerator overnight. Then, on the following morning, wrap the tea bags in a soft cloth and lay it over your closed eyes for 15 minutes.

Solution 3: Eye Gel

Both the cucumber and tea bag methods are pleasantly useful little quick fixes that you should try in your spare time. If, however, you are truly serious about conquering those dark circles once and for all, look no further than InstaNatural's under-eye skincare products. Our best-selling Youth Express Eye Gel is packed with incredible ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Matrixyl 3000, Plant Stem Cells, Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil that work together to help increase the elasticity of your under-eye skin, reduce dark circles and enhance your skin tone to give you a firm, plump and lively appearance. All it takes is a few gentle dabs of our Eye Gel around the eyes twice a day (morning and night) to achieve the best results!

Solution 4: Eye Serum

Another fantastic addition to your skincare regimen is our all-new Youth Express Eye Serum, which is a highly concentrated blend of powerful ingredients that work to deliver exceptional and noticeable results to the skin under your eyes. Our advanced Peptide Complex helps to supply the skin with protein for a more nourished look and feel, while the Plant Stem Cells, Matrixyl 3000, Astaxanthin, Kojic Acid, Caffeine, Passionflower, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamins C and E team together to diminish the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and various other telltale signs of aging.


We might not always get a full night's sleep, age gracefully or have a stress-free life, but it doesn't have to show on our faces. Try looking into what causes your dark circles to appear, and go from looking tired and stressed to youthful and radiant by trying out these easy treatments.


Written by: Marco Strzeszynski