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InstaNatural Rose Mask

Facial Rose Mask - With Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Aloe Vera & More - Best Skin Brightening & Moisturizing Blend for Face - Made With Fresh Rose Petal Extract - InstaNatural - 4 OZ




  • BEAUTIFUL AS A ROSE - This Rose Mask is a cooling and brightening facial mask that restores the skin's radiance, moisture and suppleness. It has all the ingredients you need to achieve a young, vibrant and beautiful skin tone that lasts.
  • SOOTHE & REFRESH - The beautifying formula harnesses the natural nutrients and skin-conditioning properties found in the petals of cabbage roses to soften & nourish. With rose extract, the look & texture of your skin will feel more toned and refined.
  • PREMIUM INGREDIENT ENRICHED - Results with a relaxing at-home spa treatment! With Aloe Vera to provide a calming and cooling effect, the Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) & Hyaluronic Acid work to moisten, strengthen & plump with natural anti-aging effects.
  • ENHANCED COMPLEXION - Restore vibrant glow & get rid of dull, lifeless & aging skin. Vitamin C boosts collagen, improves tone & provides great antioxidant protection to prevent wrinkles, fine lines & age spots on the forehead, cheeks, eyes & nose.
  • SUPREME EXFOLIATION - Includes Lactic Acid to exfoliate, clear and clean skin of impurities. May experience a pleasant tingling as the mask penetrates deep to remove dirt, impurities & dead skin, reducing breakouts, blackheads & other acne concerns.