Winter Skin Care Essentials

Winter Skin Care Essentials

As temperatures drop and the air grows colder, our skin can struggle to keep up with the changing seasons. To help, we've compiled a list of skin care essentials to help you maintain a healthy glow all year long!

Gentle Cleanser


Keeping your skin clean is vital to maintaining a healthy complexion. However, many cleansers and face washes can can be drying and strip the skin of moisture. Opting for a cleanser with a gentle, hydrating formula, like our Vitamin C Cleanser, can help you purify your skin with mainlining the moisture it needs to stay healthy and radiant. 


We all know humidifiers are great for when you're sick, but did you know they can also help keep your skin healthy? Cold air can deplete the skin's moisture leading to dryness, flakiness and irritation. By adding extra moisture to the air in your home or office with a humidifier, you can protect your skin from winter conditions and help retain its natural moisture.

Hydrating Serum

In the wintertime, it can be beneficial to add  hydrating serum to your skin care regimen. These serums treat specific skin concerns while delivering intense hydration and moisture to soothe dry, flaky or irritated skin. Our Hyaluronic Acid Serum is a great addition to your winter skin care regimen and deeply hydrates while plumping the look of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Night Cream

Are you sensing a theme? Moisture and hydration are essential to keeping skin healthy and glowing during the colder months! Even when you're inside and out of the elements, it's important to support your skin's natural repair processes to keep it healthy 24/7. Night creams, like our Vitamin C Night Cream, and rich and deeply moisturizing and work to protect your skin's natural barrier while supporting its overnight recovery process.

Lip Balm

Chapped lips are the perpetual winter problem we all know and definitely don't love! To help keep your lips hydrated, soft and healthy, we recommend keeping a lip balm by your side at all times. You can even DIY your own tinted lip balm with some coconut oil and one of your favorite lipsticks!

Eye Cream

The skin under your eyes is extremely sensitive and delicate and can benefit from some extra TLC in the winter time. Incorporate a hydrating eye cream, like our Hyaluronic Acid Eye Gel Cream into your regimen to keep your undereye skin soft, bright and healthy.


While the weather outside may be frightful, we hope you found these winter skin care tips delightful! By tailoring your skin care regimen to the seasons, you can enjoy a healthy glow 365 days a year!