WHO decided beauty is pain?!




When our team at InstaNatural got word of Cachet Raynor’s viral video featuring her peeling off a charcoal mask she ordered online, like most others around the country, we gathered around a screen to watch her suffer. 


A letter from us to Cachet Raynor...

Hey Girl!

I’ll be honest, I definitely shed a few tears of joy at your expense as I watched you cringe and yelp in pain, all the while ooh-ing and ah-ing at how much smoother your (remaining layer of) skin was during this hysterical video of you removing a charcoal mask.

What struck me immediately after however was that hilarity that ensued from watching your video stemmed mostly from the fact that your video is so very relatable.

As a beauty addict employed in a company full of skin-care devotees, it’s not secret that we’ve definitely all been in your position – trying any and every product and DIY solution in the hopes of achieving (near) perfection.

It seems a little counter intuitive that we go to such great lengths to attain natural beauty though, doesn’t it?

From the very first time I slipped on a pair of heels to my first bikini wax (ugh- I can still hear the harsh sound of ripping hairs!), women including myself have been conditioned to believe that beauty is synonymous with pain. But enough already!

Here at InstaNatural, our mantra is “Strength in Naturals.” And we’re pretty much obsessed with finding natural solutions that work. That’s why we’ve formulated an entire line of naturally derived products to work WITH your skin instead of against it.

Much like the mask you painstakingly remove in your video, our Dead Sea Mud Mask helps remove blackheads and clogged pores from your face. But that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Not only does ours work like a SUPER magnet to draw out all those nasty impurities, it’s also gentle and balanced enough to help support your skin’s natural barrier. Read: you don’t have to peel off layers of your skin to gain all the benefits of a dead sea mud mask.

Have a beautiful (and painless) day!

P.S. I hope the next time you go viral, it’s not because you’re shrieking in pain.