The 7 Tips We Wish We Knew

The 7 Tips We Wish We Knew

So you’ve done your shopping, packing, saying goodbye and seemingly, now the only thing left to do is move in.

We know you’re probably up to your ears in advice between your sister insisting you rush Kappa Kappa Gamma, your advisor suggesting a fun elective to balance a heavy course load and your parents reminding you to never leave a drink unattended at a party. 

With so much advice out there it’s easy to forget the basics. Start your year on the right foot with a few quick beauty tips we wish we had abided by in our earlier years.

  1. Stick to a healthy diet! 
    You’ve heard it a million times – beware of the Freshmen 15! Without mom cooking you a well-balanced meal and high school sports to keep you active, it’s no surprise those pounds quickly accumulate. What no one tells you however is that not only will you see these effects on your waistline, but also on your skin. A diet rich in pizza, mashed potatoes and beer will leave your skin puffy, greasy and prone to blemishes. We’re not telling you to give up the greasy foods forever but opt for a salad or grilled veggies whenever possible to help prevent those sneaky pounds from creeping up and to keep your skin looking clear and beautiful.

  2. Don’t forget to change your sheets! 
    We know doing laundry in a damp basement with the rest of your residence hall doesn’t seem glamorous. But consider this – each night as you sleep, you transfer dead cells, hair and skin oils, residual makeup and saliva (hey, we all drool a little!) into your bedding. We’ll give you one guess where it ends up when you don’t swap out your sheets (hint: it’s your face). No combination of skin care products can prevent this so do yourself (and your poor roommate) a favor and change your sheets every week.

  3. Clean your cell phone! 
    While were talking about transferring dead cells onto your face, let’s not forget about everyone’s favorite handheld device. Between texting your roommate, googling the nearest diner at 2am and catching pokemon, it’s no surprise that your phone is a breeding ground for bacteria. Since most of us don’t wash our hands every time we touch our prized iPhones, invest in a pack of antibacterial wipes and run them over the face of your phone every other day.

  4. Shower after a sweat sesh! 
    We get that finding time for the gym between classes, all-nighters, and having dinner with the cute guy down the hall is difficult so we applaud you for staving off that freshmen 15. We’re here to remind you however that skipping the showers after your romp on the elliptical may seem appealing, you’re doing your skin a serious disservice. Residual sweat and dirt clogs your pores and will lead to embarrassing breakouts (not to mention being the girl with B.O. isn’t the best way to make friends). Instead of skipping the gym altogether, invest in a shower cap and give yourself a quick rinse off after every sweat sesh.

  5. Get some beauty sleep! 
    Sleep, social life and good grades – they say you can only pick two. While we would hate for you to miss out on an opportunity to meet your future MOH or to flunk a midterm to catch some zzz’s, we know sleep is critical to your skin and overall health. Getting enough sleep helps maintain your body’s natural hydration balance (and prevents those horrendous under-eye bags) along with preventing the breakdown of collagen. Not to mention that sleep deprivation leads to late night munching and contributes to overall weight gain. While the occasional all-nighter wont put you at terrible risk, try to catch at least eight hours of shut eye whenever possible.

  6. Don’t swap brushes!
    While you may be tempted to share your entire beauty arsenal with your roommates when getting ready to go out, products formulated with water are a living breeding ground for bacteria. Worse off, you’re opening yourself up to a world of infections – staph, pink eye, etc. Clean your brushes weekly and don’t share! If you must use someone else’s make up, invest in a make-up sanitizer (or isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle) and use a q-tip to apply.

  7. Always remove make up!
    After a long night of party hopping with your roommates, crawling into your sheets may seem like a great idea. Every time you skip out on removing your make up, you’re opening yourself up to a world of beauty nightmares. Think clogged pores, brittle lashes and dry irritated skin. If actually washing your face is completely out of the question, do your face a favor and try our InstaNatural Micellar Water. Simply pour onto a cotton round to quickly cleanse and tone. Your sheets await madam.

We get that between making new friends, crashing random frat parties, and maybe doing a little studying, it’s easy to completely neglect your skin and hair. Skin care shouldn’t be a chore and with these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to acing your regimen all semester long.