Save Your Skin From Halloween

It comes but once a year... 

But when it does, it’s a howling good time. 

Halloween is right around the corner, and with it, an opportunity to step out of character. You have a free pass to dress up, get silly, and act a little wild. After all, how many other days of the year do you dress up like a cartoon character? Or eat a plastic pumpkin’s worth of candy? Or frighten small children on purpose? 

If your costume has any kind of face or body paint involved, you’ll probably be taking some liberties with the way you treat your skin as well. Even the most dedicated devotee of natural, nourishing products needs to be covered in fake blood sometimes. 

Those big, wild looks will definitely make you a stand-out at a Halloween party, but they can wreak havoc on your face. The products sold in Halloween specialty stores are usually low-quality and certainly not formulated with your skin’s health in mind. 

On this spook-tacular night, your regular skin care routine isn’t going to cut it. But there’s no need to lose your head. You needn’t sacrifice your ghostly look to save your skin. We’ve got essential pointers to make the most of this devilish holiday without looking like Frankenstein’s monster on November 1st. 

1.) Preparation Is Key

InstaNatural Tips To Prepare Your Skin

Before you start layering product onto your face, give yourself a clean slate. 

Cleanse your skin with your regular cleanser and toner and let skin dry before applying anything else. Our Vitamin C Cleanser and Toner are powerful but gentle options. To help your makeup stay put, avoid any slick or oily moisturizers. Opt instead for lightweight hydration from a gentle daily moisturizer, like our Vitamin C Moisturizer

Rather than using a traditional foundation, consider a lightweight primer.  Even if you don’t use it every day, primer is a great product for Halloween makeup, as it creates a layer between your delicate dermis and the ghoulish look you’re about to put on. Look for something hydrating that also absorbs oil, to keep yourself from sweating makeup right off. 

2.) Choose Quality Ingredients

If you’re buying your makeup at the same place you’re getting your polyester witch hats and plastic vampire teeth, you might be making a big mistake. 

Halloween mega-retailers generally offer cheap, garish makeup which is likely to contain harmful ingredients (though they’re rarely listed on the packaging). You can safely assume if it costs $2, it probably won’t hold up to your regular cosmetic products. 

Consider theatrical makeup rather than Halloween store stuff, which tends to be higher quality and is specifically formulated to create bold looks that hold up for hours. Ben Nye, Mehron, and Kryolan are a few well respected brands. 

Alternatively, you could use a conventional makeup brand that features products with special effects or bold colors. 

3.) Remove Thoroughly And Gently

InstaNatural - Rose Makeup Cleansing Balm

Even Halloween magic has to come to an end eventually. 

Removing extra thick or intricate makeup can take some time, but it doesn’t have to be scary. Be prepared with a strong cleansing product that’s more heavy duty than your typical cleanser.

Cold cream is a staple for theater artists, for good reason. The combination of mineral oils or waxes and water is consistently effective in wiping up even the most stubborn product. However, it’s generally made with some pretty heavy duty chemicals that can be rough on your skin. 

Lucky for us, our Rose Makeup Removing Balm is specially formulated to remove product and leave your skin looking refreshed and replenished. We recommend a double cleanse - one round of Makeup Removing Balm, and one of your regular cleanser. 

InstaNatural Rose Makeup Cleansing Balm
(Need to know more about cleansing balms? We’ve got you covered.)



But the fun’s not over yet! Don’t forget to clean any brushes or reusable sponges you used to apply your terrifying look. Otherwise, the next time you go to dab some of your regular makeup on, you might end up with the ghost of your Halloween fun smeared all over your face.  


4.) Nourish Your Skin 

InstaNatural Moisturize Your Skin

After you put away your costume, make some time to repair and renew your skin. All those strong ingredients can strip away your natural moisture and can take days to recover from. 

Because your skin has taken a once-a-year hit, make it up to yourself with a once-a-year treat. Whip up a simple hydrating mask - the fewer ingredients the better.

Oats and honey are both excellent, nourishing ingredients that you probably have at home. Together, they’re a powerful duo that can soothe irritation and provide moisturizing and antioxidant properties. 

Make your own simple mask with a large handful of oats, a heaping tablespoon of honey, and enough warm water to turn them into a thick paste. Apply to your face, leave on for about ten minutes, then wash off with warm water. 

Voila! Your face will be fresh and ready for winter holiday cheer. Want to go the extra mile? Treat yourself to a full on at-home spa day with our expert tips.  


Enjoying your wild night doesn’t have to take a serious toll on your healthy, glowing skin. If you find that your skin is still acting up post-Halloween, never fear - check out our Top 4 Ingredients for Dry, Sensitive Skin for more tips on skin recovery. 


We hope your Halloween is frightfully fun, safe, and gorgeous!


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