Pinterest-Inspired Halloween Eye Makeup Guide

Pinterest Inspired Halloween Eye Makeup


October for most means one thing – planning for Halloween. With Halloween right around the corner, we expect you’ve decided what ghoul or angel you plan on dressing up as and made some head way into getting your costume together. Picking a costume, however, is only half of the battle, the real challenge lies in pairing it with the perfect fall makeup. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of our favorite eye makeup examples along with a few eye makeup tips to make Halloween 2016 extra spectacular.

Halloween Flapper Eye Makeup

Gatsby Makeup


Find the Gatsby to your Daisy this Halloween by dressing up as a 1920s inspired flapper girl. Start with a toner to prime your lids, we recommend the InstaNatural Organic Rose Water Toner to set the stage for no-smudge eyeshadow. Next, smudge a black eye shadow along your upper lash line. Blend the shadow deep into your crease to create a dramatic smoky eye. If you’re like us, opt for a simple one-colored smokey eye - it's perfect for those of us prone to making eye makeup mistakes! Last, finish the look by taking the same black shadow and applying it beneath your lower lash line. If you want to stay true to the flapper aesthetic, emphasize the arch of your brows with an eyebrow pencil and finish off by highlighting your brow bone with a shimmery, white eye shadow.

Halloween Zombie Eye Makeup

Zombie Makeup


There are no rules when it comes to zombie makeup. Whatever makes you look the most ghastly is typically the way to go, making this a perfect eye makeup look for anyone who is inexperienced in the makeup department. To start, cleanse and tone your face as your normally would. Next, circle your eyes with a grey eye shadow to emphasize how sunken and tired being dead makes you. Create fake bruises by adding purples and blue beneath – bonus points if you come up with a spooky story to go along with your sudden death. Finally, show just how brain-hungry you really are by drawing gruesome popped veins around your eyes with an eyeliner pencil.

Halloween Witch Eye Makeup

Witch Makeup

Whether you’re trying to look like the Sweet Witch of the East or the Wicked Witch of the West, you’ll want to impress with a perfect witch face. Begin with an eye makeup primer (gotta take care of those beauts afterall!). Compliment your natural eye color by utilizing colors that fall on the opposite side of the color wheel. For example, purple is the perfect eye makeup color for green eyes. Apply the darkest of shadows from your lid to the crease. Then, utilizing a lighter, more shimmery variation of the same shade, apply to the inner corner and lower lash line. For even more dimension, add additional shimmer to the middle of your lid. The result? A perfectl sultry eye makeup look guaranteed to put people under your spell.

Halloween 90s Eye Makeup

90s Makeup

The ‘90s are coming in hot this year. Mom jeans, chokers, and lip liner are some of the biggest trends of 2016. Halloween is the perfect time to bring iconic ‘90s movie and television show characters back to life. Not sure who you look like but want to rock the ‘90s aesthetic? Watch any episode (or entire season) of Beverly Hill 90120 for fashion and eye makeup inspiration. The ‘90s were a simpler time and the makeup reflects that. Start by using a scrub to naturally brighten your complexion. Apply a skin tone color to your lid and then smudge a dark brown into your crease. Complete the look with brown lip liner. A simple eye look will get you out the door in a flash and leave you plenty of time to binge on all your favorite 90’s sitcoms.

Halloween Vampire Eye Makeup

Zombie Makeup

While Twilight has introduced the world to “glittery” gorgeous vampires (*cough*teamedward*cough*), not all vampires need to look like they belong in the Cullen family. This Halloween rattle for your friends by becoming a fear inducing, blood sucking vampire. First, apply black eye shadow all around your eyes. Then, blend the harsh edges of the black shadow with a deep brown. Want more? Use a red body paint to draw blood spilling from your eyes to intensify the look.

Halloween Angel Eye Makeup

Angel Makeup

If scaring all your friends and children is not your thing, bring out your inner angel with shimmery gold eye makeup to match your halo instead. Start with a dead sea mud mask to draw out impurities and even out your complexion. Prime your eyes to keep your makeup from creasing and to enhance the colors of your shadows. After priming, apply a metallic yellow-toned gold eyeshadow all over your lid. To maximize the metallic effect and add dimension, wet your eyeshadow brush before collecting the shadow and add a copper color to the crease. Create a focal point by applying the same gold you used on your lid onto the inner corner of your eye and line the inner third of your bottom lash line.. The contrast of the yellow and orange undertones makes this the perfect eye makeup for blue eyes specifically. To brighten the look, add white liner. Avoid fall skin issues such as dryness and breakouts by keeping the face makeup light.

Halloween Fairy Eye Makeup

Fairy Eye Makeup


Dressing up as a mystical garden fairy will allow you to channel your inner child. The color palette for this look includes iridescent shadows and vibrant colors, to make a really bold statement. To really perfect this look, you’ll need to create a gradient between each color – making blending super imperative. Start with the lightest of colors in the tear duct and work your way in by following good ole ROYGBIV. After you’re happy with the colors, blend a matte eyeshadow into your crease to tie it altogether. For an extra pop, add white eyeliner, making your eyes appear bigger and more doe-like (read – irresistible). These types of eye makeup techniques are ideal for those with smaller eyes.

Halloween Hippie Eye Makeup

Hippie Makeup

The 1960s had Woodstock, the 21st century has Coachella. If you can’t get yourself to buy those outrageously priced tickets, channel your inner flower child this Halloween with a hippie inspired costume. The costume choice is ideal for anyone who wants to stick to a natural eye makeup look. Start with a clean face and hydrating serum to even out your complexion. Then, apply a skin tone color as your base shadow. Extend the color from your lid to your brow bone. Then, apply a medium brown into your crease and blend any harsh lines. Apply mascara and eyeliner as you wish. Following eye makeup trends from Coachella, frame the eyes with jewels or paint designs. Use white body paint and the end of eye makeup brushes to stipple dots along your cheekbone or along the upper outline of your eyebrows. Be sure to set the paint with a white eyeshadow or a setting spray so that it stays on all day and night long. Cue music.


There you have it, these are our favorite looks taken directly from our incredible Pinterest feed. Comment below and tell us yours!


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