Five MUST-Try Summer Activities

Summer is the best time for spontaneity and adventure  Overall radiance is enhanced as you increase your activity level. Feeling inspired by the 2016 Olympics? Take advantage of the longer days by incorporating some variety into your typical schedule. Try out these 5 activities before the sun sets on summer!

SUP Yoga

If the idea of balancing on a thin piece of plastic holding warrior two while floating on the open ocean, seems overwhelming, fear not! It's not nearly as hard as it looks!  SUP yoga, also called paddleboard yoga, combines traditional yoga flow and a paddleboard on a calm body of water.

SUP yoga challenges your stability; strengthening tiny muscles traditional workouts circumvent. This workout also challenges you to overcome fears (including crashing into the chilly blue water beneath) and break through mental barriers. Start with these 12 Amazing SUP Yoga Poses.

Run or Walk Barefoot

Try hitting the beach or the trail, sans shoes. Better yet, swap out a treadmill session for a jog or power walk outside without your sneakers. Barefoot cardio will develop muscles in your legs and feet that you didn’t even know existed.

You will also feel more grounded and connected to earth (think sand between your toes). Giving up the arch support of your shoes may results in slight discomfort. So make sure you listen to your body (and pay close attention to the surface that you are working out on!) 

Water Sports

Powerboat water sports are an absolute summer must! Waterskiing, wakeboarding or even wakesurfing make for the perfect summer challenge. Heading out to the lake or river this weekend? Instead of spending the whole day sunbathing and sipping cocktails, test your strength out on the water. Wakesurfing is our current favorite.

To wakesurf, a rider surfs the wake of a power boat with no line to the boat. Sound scary? Trust us, it’s worth it. You’ll reap two times the benefits between increased strength in your legs and arms as well as challenging your mind to take on something new!


Hiking is a great way to explore any location, get moving, enjoy the outdoors, spark creativity and restore the soul. It’s even proven that people who hit the trail once a week are happier. By forcing you to unplug from the digital vortex we exist in, hiking helps you reconnect with yourself.

If increased happiness and overall health aren’t enough motivation for you to throw on your hiking boots and backpack, how about the fact that you can burn up to 500 calories an hour during your treks. Most areas have a huge slew of hiking options nearby, but if you're looking to up your game check out the top places to hike in North America.


You don’t have to spike like a pro to enjoy a game of volleyball this summer. With so many options; hard court, grass, beach or pool the ways to play are limitless!! Competitive team sports are an incredible way to release some of your pent up aggression and reduce stress. Volleyball is also a great way to change up your typical social routine! Exchange your Thursday happy hour at the local pub, for a vb game paired with ice cold Coronas at the local park.

Adding variation and increasing activity levels lead to better overall health and wellness. Enjoy all this season has to offer by changing up your routine and getting outside!