9 Ways to De-Stress from Your Desk


Man overwhelmed


Work, school and life itself can get overwhelming for everyone at times. There are better ways to cope with being stressed at work or school, than getting yourself worked up over it! There seems to be no ways to successfully de-stress or stay healthy at work, but below is a list of ways you can do so without even leaving your desk. These helpful tidbits will be sure to improve your workplace from the inside out!


1) Stretch Out

Sitting all day can make you tense and stiff. It’s a good idea to stand up every hour or so to stretch and get your blood flow running. You can also do something as simple as roll your neck in slow, circular motions so your body stays in a relaxed and comfortable state. Stretch out your arms and back if you are always sitting upright. If possible, try to take a brief walk to get a change of environment for a little bit too!

Other stretches you can try:

  • Touch your toes, this stretches out your hamstrings 
  • Roll your shoulders and neck
  • Stretch out your fingers so they don't get cramped


2) Relax Your Eyes

Especially if sitting at your work desk involves being in front of a computer for an excessive amount of time, close your eyes periodically to avoid eyestrain. Looking at a screen for a long period of time everyday can potentially leave you with dry and irritated eyes, which also can lead to headaches. Make sure you step away from your computer throughout your day, and sit a generous arm’s length away from it.


3) Drink Water

Lemon and lemon slices

Coffee is most of our energy alternatives when there’s a long day ahead, but instead of surviving on that much caffeine, drink an adequate amount of water instead. Water will keep you hydrated, so you’ll feel refreshed, focused and ultimately be more productive. Squeeze a lemon in your water for an uplifting boost of energy and more of a tasty tang! Lemon contains calming properties and is also great for your immune system.


4) Snack Healthy

Chips, cookies and greasy food galore are the go-to options to snack on at work because, well, they’re yummy! Instead of munching on sugar and fattening foods though, bring healthier snacks and lunches to work. Food such as fruit, protein heavy meals, veggies, nuts and yogurt won’t make you tired or put you in a midday slump. Plan your lunches for the week and eat accordingly so you can get on a continuous schedule.


5) Dodge The Germs

Keyboards, mice and other school or office supplies carry many germs. While you can’t always go and wash your hands as often as you’d like, carrying a hand sanitizer around will be beneficial—especially if your co-workers aren’t feeling well around you. Stay healthy at work and dodge as many germs as you can, it's as simple as buying a bottle just for your desk!


6) Just Breathe

During your work day, take a couple minutes to yourself to do some deep breathing exercises. Breathe in through your nose and exhale slowly. It’s more effective if your exhale lasts longer than your inhale, 6-8 seconds ideally. Taking the time to do a short meditation or breathing exercise can work wonders and clear your busy brain. Slow down your fast-paced lifestyle and just breathe for a moment.


7) Stay Clean & Organized

Office desk and notesA clean work space is a happy work space! Stay organized and clean at work, because it will allow you manage your time more effectively. Remembering tasks, meetings and projects will be easier to balance and won’t make you feel so overwhelmed and all over the place. You’ll also be able to better achieve your goals more efficiently. Being organized presents you with a more positive image and will help counteract your stress level.


8) Listen to Music

If you can, bring some headphones to work and listen to music that makes you feel good. During a hectic day, it’s easy to get distracted by everything that’s going on around you. Put on music that puts you in the zone. Whether you want to listen to tunes that tap into your creativity, or ones that help you focus and stay calm, the beauty of music is that there’s something for every situation. Create a work playlist that’s filled with your favorite comfort music.

Some choices could include:

  • You favorite artists
  • Classical music 
  • Natural noises such as thunderstorms, birds and nature

9) Try Aromatherapy

The perfect desk accessory is an Essential Oil Diffuser if you find yourself stressed often! An aromatherapy diffuser is noise-free and works best with any of your favorite essential oils. It has a trendy design and keeps your workspace relaxing. You may want to consider using the diffuser with lavender essential oil. The lavender scent helps sooth nerves, and it works wonders for headaches, tension and migraines. If you don’t find yourself with headaches often, peppermint is another great option because it helps stimulate your mind and promotes clear thinking. By incorporating your favorite oils into an essential oil diffuser, you’ll be sure to have a comforting and relaxing experience for up to 4-5 hours.

Everyone manages stress differently. You may even have your own tricks to relaxing and being healthy! Try these the next time you’re at work or school, you may even discover which ones are most effective for you. Share your insight with your co-workers, and maybe even perform some of these activities as an office every hour or couple of hours. A positive change will make a world’s difference!