3 Valentine’s Day Tips That Will Make Your Skin & Stomach Fall in Love

It’s that time of year again…when your favorite neighborhood convenient store haunts you with never-ending isles of chocolate-covered, heartfelt, romantic, everything. This is either your sweetest dream or your worst nightmare—but it doesn’t have to be your worst nightmare. Whether you’re happily single or happily taken, love yourself and the skin you are in this Valentine’s Day. There’s no reason to be bogged down by the haunting sweets, or feel pressured to look flawless, because we have three skin care tricks just in time for your special day. These Valentine’s Day tips will be sure to make both your skin and stomach fall in love!

1. Embrace Your Natural Beauty

It’s completely normal to want to impress that special somebody, and we are all guilty of this. A staple cliché holds true—less is more. Practices such as caking on makeup and all different brands of skincare products can be damaging to your skin. This can be easily avoided by embracing your natural beauty.

Products That Will Give You the Best Natural and Nourishing Valentine’s Day Experience

By using all natural products, your skin will have a healthy glow. Face masks are an example of this. They are not only perfect for a girl’s night in this Valentine’s Day, but they’re also great for your skin. Depending on the mask, face masks have the ability to clean out dirt and oil from your pores, soften the complexion of your skin, and leave you feeling exfoliated and rejuvenated.

Rosehip Seed Oil is also a Valentine’s Day solution to feel naturally beautiful. It’s a 100% pure certified and organic oil that will make your skin feel luscious and revitalized—AKA ready for a perfect date night where your sweetheart will be enamored by your beauty.

2. Indulge in Dark Chocolate

A common myth that surrounds beauty and skincare is that chocolate causes acne. But just like not all love is the same, not all chocolate is either! This Valentine’s Day, instead of binging on delicious milk chocolate and the sugary goodness of chocolate candies, consider substituting your cravings with a healthier alternative that may surprise you—dark chocolate.

Why Dark Chocolate?

Dark chocolate has a multitude of health benefits for your body and your skin. Dark chocolate contains Flavonoids, a type of antioxidant found in the cacao bean, and also contains caffeine that stimulates the skin. When dark coco is incorporated into a healthy lifestyle, it does more than satisfy your cravings, but also helps improve the appearance of your skin. This alternative provides you with the best of both worlds. No one should ever feel guilty for indulging in a sweet sensation. Whether it’s plain dark chocolate or chocolate covered fruit, your skin and stomach will feel much healthier. Use dark chocolate as a way to tackle your sweet tooth this Valentine’s Day.

3. Unwind & Relax With Massage Oils, Aromatherapy & Red Wine

Nothing screams “romantic” more than getting a sensual massage on Valentine’s Day. Now you can get one without leaving your bedroom by applying all-natural oils. With an oil as lovely as this Coconut one, you’ll feel like you just walked out of a spa. This particular oil cannot be used for cooking, but it is a multi-purpose oil that moisturizes, hydrates, and refreshes your skin. There’s 101 uses for Coconut Oil (literally).

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, try another oil that has multiple full-body benefits. You can also incorporate Argan Oil into your skin care regimen and Valentine’s Day plans.

Kick off your massage with an Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser that will help you unwind and relax, and finish off your night with a glass of red wine. Wine lovers rejoice! Red wine contains a high-level concentration of antioxidants that are beneficial to the appearance of your skin and have been known to reduce the appearance of aging too. Getting an adequate amount of sleep at the end of the night will make you feel refreshed and look better, too.

DIY Homemade Chocolate Coconut Sugar Scrub

For lips ready to pucker up and kiss, consider using a lip balm or lip scrub to moisturize your lips. This is especially vital for chilly weather conditions. Soothing lip balms keep them crack-free, gentle and soft. Here’s a DIY recipe you’ll fall head-over-heels for that incorporates chocolate and sensual oils.

For a homemade lip scrub you’ll want to eat, try this Chocolate Coconut Sugar Scrub:


♥ 1 cup of loosely packed Brown Sugar

♥ 1/2 cup Coconut Oil (in solid form)

♥ 1/3 cup Almond Oil

♥ 2 tablespoons unsweetened Cocoa Powder

♥ A few drops of Coconut Extract or Essential Oil

♥ A large bowl

♥ Spoon

♥ Optional: Mason jar(s)


♥ Add all ingredients into a large bowl and mix together until evenly combined. There should be no chunks remaining.

Tip: It’s easier to break down the coconut oil if you mix with the back of a spoon or with a similar utensil.

♥ If desired, you can top the scrub off with white or dark chocolate chips for an aesthetically pleasing flare before packaging.

♥ For cute gift ideas for your single ladies on Valentine’s Day, you can transfer the scrub into decorative mini mason jars and incorporate your own creativity.

♥ Usage: Simply rub it over your skin and wash off! Don’t forget this is just used as a lip scrub, not a facial scrub.

♥ As long as you are using this once a week or every other, it should be kept at room temperature.

With these three tips in mind, remember to treat yourself with dark chocolate, wine, a massage and some aromatherapy to unwind and enjoy this special day. Embrace your natural beauty, and always remember to let your biggest love this Valentine's Day be the one for yourself and the skin you are in!

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