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How Much Can You Buy With $1.4 Billion?


With the Powerball up to a record breaking $1.4 billion, we started to wonder - what can you exactly buy with that much money? It seems like such an absurd amount that it's even hard to grasp in simpler terms. At InstaNatural, we did the math (so you don't have to), and the results left our jaws agape.

Here are some tidbits on how much InstaNatural products you can buy (hint: it's a LOT).

With $1.4 billion, you can purchase...

  • 28 million Essential Oil Diffusers - enough for everyone in Delhi, India
  • 56 million Eyelash Enhancing Serums - enough for everyone in South Korea
  • 93 million Vitamin C Serums - enough for everyone in the Philippines

What to know what else you can buy?

Check out these five other items you can well afford overnight if you are the lucky winner.

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