12 Amazing Benefits of Argan Oil

12 Amazing Benefits of Argan OilArgan oil — sometimes called Moroccan oil because of its origins — comes from the nut of an argan tree. Over the last few years, cosmetologists and other beauty industry professionals have expressed their support for products that contain this particular oil. Argan oil offers several benefits for the skin, hair, and nails that you should know about.

In fact, many experts have taken to calling it "liquid gold" thanks to its ability to moisturize skin, hair, and nails. If you haven't tried argan oil, consider these 12 reasons to give it a go.

Avoid Greasy Moisturizers

Many of the best moisturizers on the market today contain argan oil. These products rise to the top of “best of beauty” lists because, unlike some of the heavier creams and lotions, they won't leave your skin feeling oily or greasy. This type of oil dries quickly, which means you can apply it without worrying about getting it on your clothing, towels, sheets, or other linens.

Men and women sometimes avoid moisturizing because products feel too heavy. They don't want to feel as though they've spread oil all over their face, so they skip this step in their skin care routines. The problem is that dry skin can cause a multitude of problems, from rashes and irritation to premature wrinkles.

Use a moisturizer with argan oil one to two times a day, as the last step in your skin care routine. Remember that argan oil is very concentrated and you don't need much – to reap the benefits of smoother, softer, more radiant skin.

Prevent Cracked and Broken Nails

A person cracking their handsYour finger and toe nails can also benefit from argan oil. Argan oil can help strengthen your nails and nourish cuticles, which improves their health and promotes their growth. If you have brittle nails that frequently crack or break, applying a daily dose of argan oil is sure to help improve strengthen and nourish your nails.

In addition to its strengthening benefits, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial benefits can also result from the use of argan oil. If you've ever had nail or cuticle infections, this product might help you avoid future problems. Of course, always consult a dermatologist if you have infections or other medical issues with your nails.

You can use argan oil in topical liquid form. Simply paint it on your nails just as you would do with nail polish and allow it to dry. You should see results within the first few days of use.

You can also massage it into your nails and cuticles to accelerate product absorption time and improve its impact. Since it dries quickly, you don't have to worry about smearing it all over your home or car. Alternatively, wait about 20 minutes, then paint your nails as you normally would.

Boost the Performance of Your Exfoliating Product

Argan oil plays well with others. You can mix it with products you use on a daily basis to add moisture and suppleness to your skin. For example, it's a good idea to exfoliate your skin at least once or twice a week. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells to reveal healthy, radiant-looking skin that glows. Adding argan oil to your exfoliation routine can help fuel and maintain appropriate moisture levels, while still removing dulling skin cells, which improves your skin’s radiance.

Simply mix a few drops of argan oil into your exfoliating scrub or mask. The argan oil allows you to still reap the benefits of your exfoliating product and remove dulling skin cells, while also maintaining appropriate moisture levels. This can prevent some of the common skin irritations that might occur after exfoliating because of the friction it creates.

Even though argan oil can soothe irritated skin, be gentle when exfoliating. Apply scrubs in smooth, light, circular motions to avoid damaging your skin and causing irritation. Follow directions closely on chemical and enzymatic exfoliation products.

Don’t forget to exfoliate the skin on your body too! Regular exfoliation of your body is as important as it is on your face. You can purchase a body scrub or make your own. You could use a variety of common ingredients such as baking soda, salt, sugar, and even coffee grounds for a homemade body scrub that will save you money and allow you to control exactly what goes into your beauty products.

Beat Split Ends

Split ends often occur between haircuts. The ends of the hairs split because they have dried out or suffered from some sort of external damage. This can leave hair looking frizzy or unkempt, even after your most aggressive styling attempts. However, argan oil can prevent split ends and even smooth them after they occur.

To start, try a leave-in hair treatment with argan oil. You'll smooth the solution through damp tresses, starting at the ends, and follow with your normal styling routine. Look for products that contain other ingredients for hair health, such as carrot seed oil and coconut oil. These substances leave your hair shiny, moisturized, and resistant to heat damage.

For the best results, don’t wait until you see split ends to start using an argan oil treatment. Making this a regular part of your routine will keep your hair healthy between salon visits. In addition, implementing a thermal protector that is infused with argan oil will also help prevent split ends from occurring. These measures will help you avoid split ends in the first place, allowing you to enjoy your style much longer than you would otherwise.

Eliminate Chapped Lips During Winter

As the temperature drops, your lips might feel the strain caused by dry air and harsh winds. A lack of humidity in the air can leave lips cracked, dry, and sore, especially if you spend much time outdoors. To prevent this painful problem, try a lip moisturizer and exfoliator made from argan oil. It will restore moisture to your lips so you don't have to deal with the dry-weather blues.

Just mix a drop or two of argan oil with sugar, salt, baking soda, or any other exfoliant you might find in your fridge. Rub the solution into your lips using soft, circular motions, then rinse it off. You should start to notice the difference immediately.

You can also prevent dry lips if you keep your face covered while outdoors on windy days. Avoid chewing on your lips because this can lead them to crack and peel. If you suffer from serious dryness, consider adding a drop of argan oil to your chapstick. Apply it regularly so you can benefit from the added moisture all day.

Reduce Hair Dryer, Curling Iron, and Flat Iron Damage

If you need heat to make your hair behave, your strands might have suffered heat damage. To prevent dry, frizzy hair, consider massaging a few drops of argan oil into damp tresses right after you step out of the shower. Before you pull out the hot tools, mist a thermal protector that is infused with argan oil onto dry hair. These simple steps will protect your hair from the damage that would otherwise occur from heat and styling damage.

Battle Breakouts

Studies have shown that argan oil can help control and prevent adult breakouts. Though breakouts are often touted as a problem for teenagers, both women and men know that breakout troubles don't always stop when puberty ends. Adults of all ages can experience breakouts and it helps to have a product you trust in your corner.

If you add argan oil products to your skin care regimen, you might see a reduction in the severity and frequency in your breakouts. Not only will you see fewer blemishes, but your skin might not look as oily on a day-to-day basis. Argan oil can help reduce oil production and give your skin a healthy, fresh-faced glow.

You can use it in your moisturizer as described above or add it to other skin care products. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way. Since a few drops of argan oil can achieve great results, you'll spend less money on your skin care regimen while still enjoying healthy skin.

Improve Skin Elasticity

As you get older, your skin becomes less elastic, which means that when it stretches, it can't contract as easily. This is why men and women get fine lines and wrinkles as they age. Reduced skin elasticity can also contribute to stretch marks. If you gain and then lose weight or have a baby, you might see stretch marks on your sides, thighs, hips, and abdomen.

Fortunately, argan oil can help you reduce wrinkles and stretch marks. This amazing oil can increase skin elasticity so your skin will "bounce back" after it sustains damage or becomes stretched. This is because the oil contains vitamins E and A, both of which promote skin health. It also can help fade the appearance of stretch marks, age spots, and other blemishes. 

You can apply argan oil to your stretch marks and wrinkles by itself or in combination with an exfoliant. Simply apply it in a light coat after you get out of the shower in the morning or evening. Since it's an easy process, it shouldn't add much time to your skin-care routine.

Banish Dry, Cracked Feet

Female feeling her cracked and calloused feet

Your feet take quite a beating every day. When you're running to catch the subway, chasing your little one around the house, or walking the office halls in heels, your feet may get dry, form calluses or crack and peel from the stress. However, argan oil can help.

Consider massaging the oil into your feet once or twice a week. Pay special attention to the heel and ball of your foot because these areas take the most pressure all day long. If you apply it in the evening before bed, you can pull a pair of cozy socks over your feet to seal in the moisture while you sleep.


Help Your Hair Style Last Longer

After you spend 20 minutes styling your hair, you don't want the first gust of wind you encounter to undo all your handy work. To prevent fly-always and other problems throughout the day, apply a few drops of argan oil to your hair right after you style it.

The oil will help solidify your style without leaving your hair with a dry, brittle feeling that hairspray sometimes creates. It's also easier, faster, and less greasy than other styling products. Stick to a couple drops so your hair doesn't look wet or greasy after application.

Protect Skin After Shaving

No matter how much practice you have, you might suffer from razor burn and irritation after you shave. This issue doesn't just leave your skin blotchy and red -- it can also cause discomfort. To prevent this problem, rub a few drops of argan oil into your skin after you shave.

The high moisture content will help prevent irritation and will also leave your skin looking smooth and healthy. Since a razor is a sharp, harsh object, it's important to soothe your skin right after you use one.

Argan oil can help with other forms of irritation, too. If your hands get dry during the winter months, turn to argan oil instead of heavy creams and lotions. You can also mix argan oil with your lotion to increase its effectiveness on particularly dry days.

Boost the Power of a Bath

A long, leisurely soak in the tub should leave you feeling rested, rejuvenated, and ready to face whatever task comes next on your to-do list. However, a bath doesn't just have to calm the mind and ease away stress. Adding a few drops of argan oil to your bath water will help moisturize your entire body while you soak.

You can add it by itself or with your favorite bath beads, bubble bath, or other additives. You might need to increase the amount you use depending on the size of your tub, but you don't have to overdo it. 

Perfecting your skin care regimen might take time, but it helps to educate yourself about the latest products on the market. Taking advantage of ingredients like argan oil might make a huge difference in how you look and feel. Whether you're sick of stretch marks, split ends, or skin irritation, argan oil can help you stay moisturized and toned all day long.