The Top 13 Organic Beauty Bloggers

If you’re thinking of switching to, or have switched to, more natural beauty products, it’s a smart move. Some experts believe our skin absorbs 60% of everything we put on it. Makes you want to examine those labels a bit more closely, doesn’t it?

While natural products have ingredients sourced from nature, organic products have a stricter standard, only featuring ingredients derived without synthetic pesticides, petroleum fertilizers or genetically modified organisms.

If you’re looking to go organic or just want to learn more about what’s out there, we’ve compiled a list of the gurus of green—the best organic beauty blogs. Though many of these bloggers use both natural and organic products, you’ll glean some of the best advice on organic beauty from them.


1. Organic Beauty Talk

Organic Beauty TalkOrganic Beauty Talk | Facebook | Pinterest

Organic Beauty Talk was created by Brandie Gilliam and has become one of the most popular online destinations for all things organic and non-toxic. Since starting the blog in 2011, Brandie has become a trusted name in the organic and natural beauty world—Google her name and you’ll see her pop up on a slew of natural living sites. Her site is full of product reviews, DIY recipes and health and detox tips. She also has sections dedicated to men, pets and travel. Aside from her blog, Brandie also runs an annual Organic Beauty Talk Awards, featuring the best products in several categories. 


2. Toxic Beauty Blog

Toxic Beauty Blog Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | YouTube

Toxic Beauty Blog is a practical and informative blog written by Robin Adler, who started blogging about four years ago. More than just product reviews, she leans toward educating readers on harmful ingredients, safer alternatives, beauty tips as well as book recommendations and other resources. She also offers a simple, downloadable guide to organic beauty called “Label Lies: Secrets of Organic Cosmetics” when you sign up for her newsletter. You’ll love her fun, conversational style, which makes navigating the organic beauty world easier.


3. Organic Beauty Blogger

Organic Beauty BloggerOrganic Beauty Blogger | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Organic Beauty Blogger, written by Inga, focuses on natural, organic and cruelty-free beauty products. Her expertise shines through in every post, as she gives in-depth reviews on a medley of different products, not only discussing her own experience, but listing every ingredient so you know what’s going on your body or face. It’s a great blog for discovering new brands.




4. She’s in the Glow

 She’s in the Glow She's in the Glow | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Google+

She’s in the Glow  is an organic-inspired blog for the modern woman created by former Chanel beauty assistant, Annie Atkinson. The blog has seen plenty of growth in the two short years since being launched. Not only does it have great content, it’s driven by stunning photography, courtesy of Madeline Wolf, that makes you feel like you’re flipping through the pages of Vogue. The site features everything from smoothie making and sheet masks, to international trends and travel must-haves. It aims to offer tips on living an organic lifestyle that is low maintenance for the busy woman.


5. Mommy Greenest

Mommy GreenestMommy Greenest | Twitter | Pinterest 

Mommy Greenest is a blog by journalist, green expert and mother, Rachel Sarnoff. Formerly EcoStiletto, a blog on sustainable beauty and fashion, Rachel merged her passion for the environment with organic beauty into this new site in 2013. Though the blog focuses on an eco-friendly lifestyle, the spirt of EcoStiletto is alive and kicking in her Eco Beauty section, where see features great product reviews, giveaways, and video tutorials. Check out her Guide to Green Beauty, a great resource for beginners to learn about organic and eco-friendly beauty.


 6. NatuRia Beauty

 NatuRia Beauty NatuRia Beauty | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Google+

NatuRia Beauty is about the best products in the organic beauty market. Started by Ria in 2013, she documented her journey transitioning to more natural beauty products and now exclusively uses organic and natural products. She shares product reviews and new discoveries, helping others make a seamless transition to safer and organic beauty products.


7. Feelgood Style

Feelgood StyleFeelgood Style | Twitter | Facebook | Google+

Feelgood Style, edited by organic beauty expert Liz Thompson, explores the mind, body, and Earth connection, taking an eco-friendly approach to beauty, fashion, health and lifestyle. The fun, casual feel of the site integrates product reviews with beauty tips and fashion advice. The writer also gives great DIY projects and tutorials to make your life easier and healthier.



 8. Tree Hugger

 Tree HuggerTree Hugger | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest

Tree Hugger is a site that focuses on all things eco-friendly, and mainly provides news and information on science, green energy and technology, but it has an informative organic beauty blog that’s worth a look. While many blogs just focus on product reviews, Tree Hugger is full of tips, remedies, fun facts and news about organic beauty. The primary writers for the blog are Katherine Martinko, a former writer for the Huffington Post and The Green Parent, and Melissa Breyer, an author and former writer for the New York Times.



 9. Viva Woman

Viva WomanViva Woman | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Viva Woman is written by Sesame, one of the top international bloggers, and has gained popularity outside of her native Singapore for her insights on organic skin care. The blog is ranked as one of the top beauty blogs by Blog Rank and, and is the go-to source for all things natural beauty in Singapore. Sesame blogs about skin care, ingredient analysis, green product reviews, sunscreen recommendations, DIY beauty remedies, clean food recipes and occasionally fashion.



10. Eco-Chick

 Eco-Chick Eco-Chick | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | YouTube

Eco Chick is edited by Shannon Dunn, an Australia-based journalist. The site is a resource for organic and natural beauty, whole food recipes and natural health information. Taking a holistic approach to beauty, Shannon emphasizes that organic skin care and cosmetics are supplemental to a healthy lifestyle, but not a miracle cure for aging or self-esteem. The site has product reviews, beauty and healthy eating tips, as well as two-minute video tutorials, which are perfect for busy people looking for quick and practical application.


11. Beauty Calypse

 Beauty Calypse Twitter | Pinterest

BeautyCalypse is a blog by Moscow native, Nath Fedorova, who writes for people like her who are striving to live a healthy lifestyle in a busy urban area (she’s now based in Berlin). You’ll find a wealth of content on this site on beauty and organic skin care, health, nutrition, fashion, as well as technology and ecological issues. Nath, short for Nathalie, calls her site a no BS, no-fad outpost for green beauty and ethical living. And she means it. Her reviews are honest—probing where products are manufactured and all the ingredients—and she’s not afraid to be critical.





12. Mademoiselle Nature

Mademoiselle NatureMademoiselle Nature | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Google+

Mademoiselle Nature was created by Audrey, a French blogger living in Amsterdam. The blog provides balanced product reviews drawing from the writer’s background as a scientist. Her beauty tips take a holistic approach, including nutrition and healthy living. She also writes about her travels.



13. Organic Beauty Crave

 Organic Beauty CraveOrganic Beauty Crave | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest  

Organic Beauty Crave is written by Yvonne, who says organic beauty products saved her skin. She primarily shares products reviews, featuring items that she feels have transformed her skin and hair, and she’ll also include beauty tips and an occasional food recipe.




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