Top 51 Natural Beauty Influencers of 2015

Top 51 Natural Beauty Influencers

Whether you’re seeking to ‘go green’ with your entire beauty routine, or want to incorporate a few natural beauty products into your cosmetic case, it’s easier than ever to find your beauty ‘soul mate’ online.

Make these beauty blogs your first stop – before the makeup counter, drugstore, or salon. These professional makeup artists and beauty-obsessed experts will tell you which new natural cosmetic products are worth the hype, and which to save money on… and most importantly, how to use them to get the best results.

We’ve scoured the web to find the game changers – the 51 hottest natural beauty bloggers in the industry today. From every-girls to celebs, everyone’s tuning in to see and hear what these influencers have to say, so get ready to bookmark and be inspired!

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Afrobella1. Afrobella is written by Trinidadian-born writer Patrice Gell Yursik who has been featured in major media outlets such as Ebony, NPR, Newsweek and Glamour. She brings you all the latest natural hair tips and trends through her blog, One of the original beauty bloggers, Patrice calls herself the ‘Godmother of Brown Beauty Blogging’ and goes beyond hair into skin care, red carpet looks, and even social issues and female empowerment.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Curly Nikki2. Curly Nikki is an inspiration for all of us. Yes, her blog contains amazing tips on how to style curly hair and embrace your natural texture, but her personal story is a must-read for all of us who seek balance in beauty and in life. Founder Nikki Walton’s motto is “If you’re not feeling your hair, you’re not feeling yourself,” and with a degree in psychology and a public speaking and TV appearance resume a mile long, she’s more than qualified to help us all learn to love our hair – and ourselves. Don’t miss her story.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Bailey Blush3. Bailey Blush was created by Bailey Rose. She is a professional skincare specialist and makeup artist who uses natural beauty products exclusively and wants to share her knowledge and expertise with others. Bailey Blush is a great site for those who want to use all natural cosmetics for special events such as weddings. Check out her Instagram feed, too!

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Eco Beauty Editor 4. Eco-Chick has been around since 2005, making it the web’s first destination for ethical fashion, beauty, and lifestyle advice. Bloggers Lindsay and Starre have been featured in top publications such as USA Today, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, and Elle, and have written a book about their journey inspiring women to live healthier, more sustainable lifestyles, called The Eco-Chick’s Guide to Life. Prepare to be inspired!

    Natural Beauty Influencer: 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic 5. 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic is genius for busy people who crave a quick and easy beauty routine that really works. Blogger Christine is a doctor and mother (it doesn’t get much busier than that!), but she knows her stuff, and breaks it down for you. She’s just as likely to recommend a drugstore purchase as a splurge from Tom Ford, and her practical voice is something often missing from the overwhelming world of beauty and fashion.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Eco-Chick 6. Eco Beauty Editor features natural beauty recipes, product reviews, recommendations, and treatment options. Founder Shannon started the blog after she turned to natural products and healthy foods to heal her chronic fatigue. Her contributors are as impressive as she is, making this one site to turn to for advice from all corners of the health and wellness community.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: The Glamorganic Goddess7. The Glamorganic Goddess is “Not Your Typical Tree-Hugger” and that’s what you’ll see on the home page of her beauty blog, your first clue that this site is something special. Former figure skater Danielle Messina was diagnosed with cancer at the early age of 31, and began a quest to educate herself and others about the ingredients and toxins we may unknowingly be putting in our bodies. She is on a mission to find great products without carcinogens that won’t compromise standards over quality. You’ll be inspired by her story but this blog is also a great place to start for people beginning their natural cosmetic conversion.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Fresh Lengths8. Fresh Lengths is a London-based beauty and fashion blog. The site is a great resource for curly haired gals managing their natural texture, but also provided is great product reviews especially tailored for women of color. There are great style posts, too, featuring everything from head-to-toe looks to the latest tech.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: I Heart Natural Beauty9. I Heart Natural Beauty is a refreshing, practical blog written by ‘urban yogi’ Iona, who connects beauty to spiritual wellness in a way that’s relatable for those of us looking to do our best without becoming obsessed. Her posts are easy to read and the products she features are affordable, making this a great stop on the web before heading to the drugstore.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Indigo and Canary10. Indigo and Canary is a must-read for interviews, reviews, tips, trends, and great advice on healthy living for the whole family – especially when it comes to natural beauty products. Blogger Aleigh (rhymes with Sally) tries everything herself, from the best hair oils to dry brushing her skin. This brave woman deserves a bookmark!

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Jessa Blades 11. Jessa Blades is the site of the Brooklyn-and-Los-Angeles-based makeup artist, renowned natural beauty and wellness expert, and herbalist. Jessa founded Blades Natural Beauty in 2008, after making the switch to all-natural beauty products. Her site is a great resource for simple routines, product recommendations, and professional advice. Celebs rely on Jessa to make them look gorgeous without harmful ingredients, and now you can, too!

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Kimberlyloc 12. Kimberlyloc is the site of trusted journalist and green beauty blogger Kimberly Loc Wallace, based in Kansas City, Missouri. With years of experience as a natural beauty product advocate, Kim started her blog to provide straightforward, honest reviews to those who seek information on natural beauty products. Her product reviews are fantastic, her photos eye-catching, and her years of experience make her blog unique.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Wellness Mama 13. Wellness Mama is a comprehensive, practical site tailor-made for busy moms who care about natural products for the whole family. Busy mom of five Katie shares her home remedies, favorite products, and even recipes on her blog. Her Twitter feed is a lively discussion, too!

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Living Pretty Naturally14. Living Pretty Naturally is a lovely site dedicated to reviewing natural beauty products and discussing wellness and holistic health. Canadian founder Kate is an expat living in Norway who was inspired by her mom, who championed healthy living, and a curiosity about what ingredients were found in cosmetics. Now she is ready to share her knowledge with you!

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Maskcara15. Maskcara is the kind of easy-to-read blog that’s relatable and perfect for finding your best everyday look. Founder Cara Brooks teaches you how to bring out your natural beauty with make-up, how to look your best in photos and how to find your own personal style. Her “before and after” photos are especially great.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: The Organic Beauty Blog 16. The Organic Beauty Blog is written by Holistic nutritionist Natasha Uspensky, bringing you a great site for natural product reviews for the whole family. There’s also plenty of advice on clean eating, wellness, and healthy home and baby tips, too.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Organic Beauty Blogger  17. Organic Beauty Blogger is a must for product reviews and trusted advice on all of the internationally distributed beauty brands. Blogger Inga focuses on one thing – beauty – and does it extremely well. Her passion for her work comes through in every post, and this blog is a great way to discover brands you haven’t tried yet.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Organic Beauty Talk18. Organic Beauty Talk is a comprehensive, trusted resource for organic products for the entire family and home. Founder Brandie Gilliam tests every product and only features those she truly believes in. Her Trusted Brands list is one you’ll look to again and again.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: She's in the Glow 19. She's in the Glow is a blog for the modern organic-inspired woman. Founder and editor-in-chief Annie is a former beauty assistant for Chanel and brings her knowledge of the luxury market to the blog, which explores the balance between products that are natural versus scientific.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Tracce Ellis Ross20. Tracee Ellis Ross is the daughter of the legendarily glamorous Diana Ross. Tracee is an expert in her own right from her years in the beauty and fashion industry. Her popular blog is full of recommendations, product advice and beauty secrets, particularly for women of color, but everyone can benefit from her message of embracing your own natural beauty and loving who you are, inside and out.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: The Clean Beauty Blog  21. The Clean Beauty Blog is all about all about beauty at its purest. This blog promotes products without the parabens, fillers and synthetic chemicals. It’s about makeup and skincare that is good for you, good for your health and good for the environment.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Makeup By Mary B  22. Makeup By Mary B focuses exclusively on natural beauty products with the safest ingredients possible. This blog has the mission to demonstrate that choosing natural cosmetics is enjoyable and accessible, not an inconvenience or a sacrifice. Mary B wants to encourage everyone to purchase more from natural companies, and less from the usual brands at the drugstore or department store.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Beauty By Britanie 23. Beauty By Britanie is a natural beauty, holistic health and lifestyle blog. Britanie had several chronic illnesses which are incredibly challenging to deal with, so she shares alternative options towards the healing of the body, peaceful mind and nurtured spirit. Her intention is to motivate you, even just a little bit, to be more positive every day.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: My Beauty Bunny 24. My Beauty Bunny is an award-winning, top 100, cruelty free beauty, lifestyle and fashion blog founded by Jen Mathews, President of social media and marketing agency, Top Tier Media. This blog helps you find the best hair, skin, makeup, fashion, accessories and other products NOT tested on animals!

    Natural Beauty Influencer: The Local Rose 25. The Local Rose is written by Iranian-American actress Shiva Rose. Raised by bohemian parents in the country side of Iran until the revolution there occurred, she went from a childhood nurtured on imagination and nature to life as a refugee. After being diagnosed with an auto immune condition, she propelled her on a path as a naturalist and activist. The Local Rose was born out of a desire to celebrate a holistic, healthy, authentic life style without sacrificing taste and glamour. She lives in the Santa Monica Mountains where she raises most of her own produce, nestled by a creek with her cat, rabbits, and chickens.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: The Beauty Blogger  26. The Beauty Blogger is a new blog founded in March, 2015 by Karley. Anexpert in the eco-beauty field and award-winning beauty blogger, she worked as a print magazine beauty editor, contributing writer, and more. She penned hundreds of beauty-related articles and her work has appeared in publications such a USA TODAY. In 2005, she took a major interest in alternative health and wellness and since that time and became a certified aromatherapist. Additionally, she completed studies in Holistic and Clinical Aromatherapy, Botanical Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Integrative Therapies & Healing Practices, taking courses through University of Minnesota's Center for Spirituality & Healing.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Green Beauty Team 27. Green Beauty Team was founded by Kristen Arnett after dealing with acne for 10 years. She knew how to cover her acne but not heal it properly. In 2009 she ditched benzoyl peroxide and acne treatments because she learned they were loaded with toxic chemicals. She saw incredible results and since then she started using natural, organic skin care and makeup exclusively. She enlisted her friends in the clean beauty and wellness world to help create an incredible resource, Green Beauty Team.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Biteable Beauty 28. Biteable Beauty is an online magazine and blog dedicated to natural beauty, organic lifestyle, health, fitness and wellbeing. Founded by Rebecca Goodyear, her aim is to be informative whilst having some fun. She shares her honest product reviews and imparts some beauty and health tips. By day she runs a boutique agency specializing in natural and organic products, encompassing beauty, grooming, health, supplements and superfoods.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Viva Woman 29. Viva Woman is a Singapore beauty blog focusing on natural skin care and holistic living. Discover skin care tips, ingredient analysis, green product reviews, sunscreen recommendations, DIY beauty remedies, clean food recipes, and much more.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Naturalla Beauty 30. Naturalla Beauty was founded by 27 year old natural beauty junkie and dog lover Caitie. This blog was started on the belief that natural and non-toxic products should be accessible to everyone. Caitie believes a new skincare routine can be cheap and doesn’t have to cost you hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Her goal of the blog is to help make the switch to natural beauty products easier.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: All Natural Aspirations 31. All Natural Aspirations was founded by UK based 'green' beauty and lifestyle blogger Rachel. After having a little girl, she was inspired to try and live more naturally. She doesn’t think that being GREEN should involve any kind of compromise!

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Short, Small & Sweet 32. Short, Small & Sweet is a health and beauty blog founded by RU. Originally from Singapore, RU currently resides in a suburban town in Greater Boston. RU created the blog after moving to the US and making a huge revelation about the toxic beauty industry leading her to switch to natural and organic beauty products.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Edible Facial  33. Edible Facial was founded by Sarita Coren, a holistic mom of five with more than 20 years of experience in the health and wellness field. Dubbed “the godmother of green beauty” when she’s not capturing green beauty products on her popular Instagram account, you’ll find her connecting with industry tastemakers, consulting indie brands on social media and PR strategy, and writing about all things healthy living. She served on a panel of green beauty experts for KIWI Magazine’s 2015 Natural Beauty Awards. StyleCaster featured her tips and tricks to taking the perfect beauty product shot for Instagram.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Indie Lee 34. Indie Lee created her blog after facing a life-threatening brain tumor that pointed to environmental toxins as the culprit. Comprised of the finest all-natural ingredients around the world, the line is designed to enhance the face and body with gratifying green glamour. Indulge in the luxurious feel and beautiful benefits of Indie Lee products while protecting the Earth– and your body.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Beauty Blog by Ms. Toi 35. Beauty Blog by Ms. Toi investigates beauty trends and products to find safe and healthy alternatives. She was alarmed when she found that many cases of the growing health epidemic in the U.S. were possibly linked to the use of toxic ingredients in personal care products that we use everyday. Ms. Toi was raised in a home in which natural beauty was a way of life, and this blog was created to be a resource for healthy beauty.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Huda Beauty  36. Huda Beauty is founded by Award Winning Blogger and Hollywood trained celebrity makeup artist Huda Kattan. She founded her blog in 2010 to help teach women everywhere how to enhance and embrace their natural beauty with easy steps, product reviews, and tutorials. Through her blog, she has reached millions of views and continues to grow exponentially. has been viewed in over 100 countries worldwide and continues to influence women everywhere on easy ways to not only boost their beauty, but also their confidence.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Pemberley Jones 37. Pemberley Jones is a skincare obsessor, a natural enthusiast, and a makeup lover. All these things led her to start a natural beauty blog after getting her Esthetician's license.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Beauty Calypse 38. Beauty Calypse is an independent, no BS, no-fad/ no-ad, well informed outpost of green & gorgeous beauty and ethical & healthy lifestyle. Follow blog founder Nath on his quest as she inspires you to ask the right questions yourself. We need more mindful and wise decisions in our world today.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: The Love Vitamin 39. The Love Vitamin is a blog written Tracy sharing her experience of having terrible acne. Now years later, after it’s cleared up, she discusses how you CAN clear your acne and you can do it completely naturally in a way that feels right to you. It all starts by improving your health – by eating better, exercising, sleeping better, and creating a better mental relationship with your body, skin, and self.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Joyous Health 40. Joyous Health was founded by Holistic Nutritionist Joy McCarthy; author of Joyous Health: Eat & Live Well without Dieting, professional speaker, nutrition expert on Global’s Morning Show, Faculty Member at Institute of Holistic Nutrition and co-creator of Eat Well Feel Well, Toronto’s first integrated nutrition and yoga program. On her blog you can find Tips and DIY routines related to beauty, wellness, fitness and more.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Tips for Natural Beauty 41. Tips for Natural Beauty has everything from product reviews, DIYs and videos. Founder Dima shares her behind tips for natural beauty who guides and tells you what is best for your health.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Well Beauty Blog 42. Well Beauty Blog is devoted to natural and organic beauty, health and wellness, and eco-friendly living - for healthy beauty, inside and out. Founder of Well Beauty Blog Cori shares beauty tips and tricks.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Call it Vanity 43. Call it Vanity is ran by blogging besties Sabrina and Mayah. They love quality ingredients, products that deliver and ultimately make them feel damn fine. Some might say they’re high maintenance, but they just call it vanity…

    Natural Beauty Influencer: StyleCaster  44. StyleCaster offers the latest fashion trend reports, shopping guides and celebrity style news. Offering tips and trends in skin care, makeup and hair, this is a mist follow blog.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: NaturRia Beauty 45. NaturRia Beauty started back in 2013 when founder of the blog Ria decided to document her journey in transitioning to more natural beauty products. Two years later, she exclusively uses only natural/organic beauty products, sharing reviews as she makes new discoveries and hoping to help readers find products that may be suitable for them along the way!

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Hot Beauty Health 46. Hot Beauty Health is a hot guide for all who love to make life more beautiful, fabulous, and fun. This blog features hair & beauty how-tos, trend & style advice, health & fitness tips, recipes, crafts and shopping discoveries.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Cinco Vidas47. Cinco Vidas was founded by Britta Aragon, a natural beauty expert, author, cancer survivor and creator of CV Skinlabs. Her goal of the blog is to provide expert resources and safe solutions to those going through side effects from chemotherapy, radiation, or medications, or who experience difficult skin conditions like eczema and chronic dryness.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Ana Goes Green 48. Ana Goes Green covers everything regarding beauty and lifestyle. This blog covers affordable beauty options and in depth reviews while focusing on ingredients and eco-friendly practices.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Nephriticus 49. Nephriticus is a casual and fun approach to beauty advice. Videos and hashtags make content easy to digest for young beauty enthusiasts. Rather than resorting to dry, unoriginal overviews of products, she writes about her own experiences.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Naturally Paula 50. Naturally Paula is written by Paula, a college educated stay-at-home mom of two currently living in the Black Hills of South Dakota. After her son was diagnosed with a moderate corn & rice allergy she became an avid label reader. Her blog primarily focuses on cosmetics and skin care products, but she will veer off into vitamins and superfoods.

    Natural Beauty Influencer: Real Food Liz  51. Real Food Liz Liz is a best-selling author and nutritional therapy practitioner. Her skincare advice is based on healthy eating and getting good looking skin from the inside-out. This blog is a great site for mothers who want to relieve and prevent skin irritants for their children.







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