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7 Ways to Transition your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall





Summer 2016 has officially come to an end and while it may be time to say goodbye to warm weather, it doesn’t have to be time to say au-revoir to your summer wardrobe. This season, instead of purchasing an entirely new wardrobe at the first sign of cooler weather, why not simply incorporate your favorite summer pieces into cool weather apparel to create a timeless fall-look? 

Not sure where to start? Use some of our favorite tips to flawlessly transition your wardrobe from summer to fall!

 1. Layer a blazer over a summer tank top

Cooler weather is no reason to leave your favorite tank tops behind! Easily transition them into your normal work garb or a fashion-forward date outfit by layering a blazer on top. We love pairing this combination with distressed denim or boyfriend-jeans and heels for an easy chic fall date outfit.

2. Pair your favorite skirts with cute booties

You spent all summer working on perfecting that tan so cooler weather doesn't mean you can't continue to show those beautiful bare legs off! Transition your favorite micro-mini to the fall by swapping a pair of sling-backs for a cute pair of suede booties. Still not warm enough? Through a pair of sheer tights into the mix to add an extra layer of protection for those breezy fall nights.

3. Throw a sweater over a summer sundress

Make your dresses do overtime by throwing a chunky sweater on top. No one can tell whether you're wearing a dress or skirt underneath so this is the perfect way to sneak a few extra uses out of your sundresses. Add long boots and thick knee-high socks to finish off this look and provide extra comfort (and warmth!).

4. Add a scarf to a plain tee and jeans combo for an easy fall boho-inspired look

After sporting your favorite t-shirt all summer long, you may be inclined to put it away for the winter. Instead, why not revitalize it by layering a simple scarf or pashmina on top? From the classic loop or double sided twist to the french knot, there are endless ways to style this look. Best of all at night when the temperatures drop, you can wrap it around you shawl-style to provide much needed warmth!

5. Add a chunky cardigan to a summer shift dress

Jessi from shows us how she flawlessly combines takes a summer shift dress into fall with this look. By layering a cozy cardigan on top of a long sleeve dress, she created a totally fall-appropriate outfit. Pair with a pair of booties as she did or opt for tights and long socks for those extra chilly afternoons. 

6. Throw a varsity sweater over your workout apparel

Athleisure may be our favorite thing since sliced bread. I mean seriously - did I just spend an hour in spin class or is this what I wore to bed last night? With fashionable tanks tops and cute yoga pants, the world will never know! But the cooler it gets, the less likely we are to sport those oh-so trendy and comfortable outfits. To get EVEN more use out of your lulu-lemon leggings, throw a varsity shirt on. Bonus points for rocking your alma-mater or favorite sports team - it is football season after all!

7. Pair a summer skirt with an edgy leather jacket.

I'm not sure if it's the little girl inside of me but nothing makes me feel as pretty as a tulle skirt. Instead of throwing this feminine piece to the back of the closet, dress it up for the fall. By pairing a leather jacket with your favorite skirt not only will you get more use out of your summer staple, but also give off that perfect cool-girl vibe.Feeling extra edgy? Throw on a pair of leopard stilettos to really make a statement!

Have any other ideas on how to transition your summer pieces to fall? Comment below and let us know!