7 Ways To Stay Inspired In 2017

We’re one week in to 2017 – so far, so good. Now the tough part is getting through the rest of the year. Whether your goal is to get fit, spend less or develop an effective skin care routine that works, I’m sure we can all agree that staying inspired throughout the journey isn’t always a piece of cake. For that reason, we came up with 7 surefire tips to help you meet your goals this New Year:

1. Develop a plan.

The preliminary, and most important, step to achieving your goals is developing a plan. Plans help us determine our entire strategy from start to finish – that way, we aren’t treading dark waters when we dive in. Setting goals and making a list of reasons why we want to accomplish them gives us all the more motivation to complete them.

2. Focus on yourself, not others.

Understand that we’re each on our own journeys, none of which are the same. In order to move forward in accomplishing your goals, it’s crucial to avoid comparing yourself to others. Move at a pace that works best for you and stop to smell the roses along the way.

3. Surround yourself with positivity.

We all know the good that can come from having your own personal cheer squad! Build a support team of trusted friends, families and coworkers that will be there to cheer you on when the going gets tough. Gather a few folks to participate in challenges with you – that way, you can hold each other accountable.

4. Fall 7 times, get up 8.

Things may not always work perfectly. The sooner you recognize that, the sooner you can move on to your next conquest. If you find that you’re on the verge of giving up, remind yourself why you’re doing this and how sweet victory will taste in the end.

5. Be patient.

This is probably what trips us up the most when it comes to sticking by our resolutions. I mean, who doesn’t like instant gratification? Know that all good things take time and dedication whether you’re looking for advancement in your career or a little self-improvement.

6. Learn from your mistakes.

The only way to avoid making the same mistakes again is to learn from them. What skin care products worked and which ones were a complete flop? During which time of day are you most motivated the get up and be active? Trial and error is your best friend where New Year’s resolutions are concerned.

7. Celebrate your accomplishments.

Maybe you’ll book a stay-cation, indulge in one of your favorite desserts or give yourself a relaxing at-home spa treatment. Either way, you’ve got to give yourself incentive to keep pushing on. Ever had a brownie after giving up chocolate for a month? I’m telling you, it’s well worth the wait.

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Written by Shana Antoine, Copywriter