5 ways to create gymnast-inspired legs

Team USA, we’re coming for ya.


Summer is in full swing and nothing, we repeat, nothing feels as great as confidently rocking your favorite high-waisted shorts. After waiting all year to show off your legs, it’s easy to completely overlook the fact that your legs are less like a satin pillowcase and more like coarse sandpaper.

We’ve all been there. That’s why we came up with these 5 quick and easy tips to give you legs that will rival those of Gabby Douglas -  no leotard required.

Lunge it out

Ever heard a fitness junkie talk about searching for “the pump”? Exercises that target the same muscle group repeatedly increase blood flow to that specific area giving it a temporary “full” appearance. While we’re not saying you should lift Arnold-style, a few quick sets of squats and lunges before heading out the door will enhance your lean muscle tone.

Guzzle some H2O

You’ve heard it roughly a million times - the key to optimized health and beauty starts with your daily water intake. The vast majority of us still don’t drink enough water. Now is the perfect time to load up on some good old H2O. Drink a few glasses of water in the morning to minimize the appearance of flaky skin and large pores.

Get some sun

While it may seem counterintuitive, mild amounts of direct sunlight help promote the synthesis of Vitamin D. This allows lymphocytes to travel right up to your epidermis where they help repair damage to your skin. To get these instant benefits, wait 10 minutes before slathering on the SPF.

Treat those scars

If you’re plagued by embarrassing nicks from rushed shaving or you’re just accident prone (ahem - guilty!), fear not! Scar creams containing ingredients including glycerin and epidermal growth factor work to flatten and reduce the appearance of scars while promoting new tissue formation. Simply smear a little on to any problematic areas.

Deeply moisturize

Frizzy hair? Coconut oil. Puffy eyes? Coconut oil. Boyfriend acting up? Coconut oil.

Okay, so we’re still obsessed with coconut oil. But with good reason! Coconut oil duals as an amazing substitute for your shaving cream and moisturizer. Save time and have silky smooth legs? Count us in.

While 3.5 million viewers may not be watching as you tumble, half-naked across the Olympic floor, photo-ready legs are non-negotiable this season.

Move over Simone Biles. It’s our time to shine (totally kidding - we can’t wait to see Team USA on the podium)!
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