5 Cleansing Tips to Prevent “Day After” Skin





Halloween is a time of creativity, fun and of course – dramatic makeup. While this Holiday only comes once a year, the heavy makeup and late nights can undo all the hard work you’ve put into your skin. We have a few makeup removal tips that help you to cleanse your skin naturally, saving yourself from waking up with “day after” skin. 


Start with a Makeup Remover
Removing your makeup seems obvious, however not all makeup removers are created equal, especially when removing stubborn Halloween makeup. A good makeup remover requires little rubbing, is safe for use around the eyes and is alcohol free. You can look for standalone makeup removers, but multitasking Micellar Waters remove stubborn makeup with ease and also provide additional skin cleansing benefits.

While a solid cleansing routine should remove the makeup from your face, makeup removal around the eyes is a more delicate subject. Begin by saturating 2 cotton rounds in a high quality makeup remover and gently apply over the eye area, allowing the solution to slowly dissolve makeup. After a few seconds, swipe in gentle, downward motions – being sure not to rub. Repeat until all makeup is removed. 


    Double Cleanse: The Perfect Makeup Removal Routine
    Once your eyes are clean, it is important to thoroughly remove all other traces of makeup. Double cleansing with a Facial Oil Cleanser followed by a treatment cleanser is one of the most gentle and effective ways to remove makeup, thoroughly cleanse and address problematic skin concerns in one quick step.

    The philosophy to cleanse the skin with an oil cleanser is simple: like attracts like. This means that the oils in a facial cleansing oil will attract to the oils on your skin, dissolving and removing excess sebum, dirt and makeup with ease. Since most makeup is oil based, it can take a lot of scrubbing to achieve a thorough cleanse, making a facial cleansing oil a simple way to pre-cleanse your skin for the perfect double cleanse.

    Once you’ve rinsed your oil cleanser, the second step is to apply a targeted treatment cleanser such as an Acne Cleanser, Glycolic Cleanser or Vitamin C Cleanser. These types of cleansers contain powerful ingredients that need to reach the surface of the skin to provide maximum benefit. If you apply your treatment cleanser to dirty skin, it is working to dissolve oil, debris and makeup instead of treating the skin. Double Cleansing is a method commonly used in professional skin treatments, and is an easy way to effectively cleanse your skin at home, helping to further target your skin concerns.


     Clean Skin Without Soap
    When choosing a facial cleanser, it is important to look for products that are pH balanced and soap-free. The skin is slightly acidic and soaps are naturally alkaline, which disrupts the skin’s protective barrier. When our skin barrier becomes disrupted we lose an element of defense which can cause irritation, redness and breakouts. It is also important to avoid cleansers that use synthetic fragrances and harsh sulfates such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS).

    Your cleanser should contain gentle, naturally-derived surfactants as well as soothing extracts and functional ingredients that provide additional benefits to the skin. A facial cleansing gel that also removes makeup is a great option for sensitive or dehydrated skin types. For a more anti-aging focused treatment, look for cleansers with powerful concentrations of functional ingredients, such as a Glycolic Cleanser.


    Use a Facial Cleansing Brush
    Cleansing with your hands is easy – but your fingertips don’t provide as deep of a cleanse compared to using a facial cleansing brush. The benefits of using a facial cleansing device are endless, but incredibly beneficial. Since facial brushes can clean deeper than your fingers, you are sure to leave no residue behind. Not only does cleaner skin mean less breakouts, smoother texture and smaller pores – it also means your concentrated serums and moisturizers can absorb and work more effectively in the skin.

    If a facial cleansing brush isn’t an option for you, consider incorporating cellulose facial cleansing sponges into your facial cleansing routine. Cellulose facial sponges are a great alternative to washcloths because they dry quickly and don’t hold odor, making them great for the skin and easy to use. The natural texture gently removes dead skin cells while easily rinsing away cleansers and masks.


    Detox with a Mask
    After Halloween makeup, candy and party foods, our body and skin can benefit from a detox. Pore clogging makeup can cause skin challenges, even after a thorough cleanse. Without a thorough detox, your skin can feel dull, blemish-prone and unhealthy for weeks.

    To quickly kick your skin back into shape, gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin using a double cleansing method and a quick Glycolic Peel. These steps will ensure you’ve removed dirt, oil and dead skin cells which would otherwise prevent the mask from fully purifying the skin.

    Next apply a mask with Dead Sea Mud Mask. While these ingredients are known for their powerful detoxifying properties, it is best to choose a facial cleansing mask that further supports your skin type. Dead sea mud is great to support sensitive or dry skin while charcoal is best for oily and acne-prone skin types. Apply each mask in a generous layer and allow to fully dry for 15-20 minutes. Remove gently using water and a soft cloth.


    Although these best practices are perfect to recover from Halloween, they can be applied to your daily cleansing routine. When you begin your skin care regimen with proper cleansing techniques, you’re providing the perfect canvas for your serums, moisturizers and makeup – ensuring you have healthy, radiant skin regardless of the time of year.