4 Updates for Your Fall Skin Care Routine

InstaNatural - 4 Updates for Your Fall Skin Care Routine


The temperature is dropping and the days are getting shorter. Whether you’re grieving summer or have been looking forward to fall for months, there’s no denying - a change of seasons is upon us. 


As summer wraps up, you may be making some changes in your life - packing up your vacation clothes, getting kids ready to go back to school, or prepping your home to keep you cozy and organized for the winter. But your home, your loved ones, and your clothes aren’t the only things that need attending to. 


In most of the northern hemisphere, September brings colder temperatures and lower humidity. That colder, drier air will mean not only sweater weather, but changes to your skin as well. Cool air and windy conditions might particularly impact the delicate skin on your face, leaving it chapped, flaky, or dull looking. 


Just like your wardrobe, the way you care for and treat your skin needs some updates when the seasons change. 


Below are four simple changes to protect and nourish your skin for fall. 



 InstaNatural - Vitamin C Cleanser

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, and for good reason. After a long winter, floors need sweeping and closets need decluttering. 


In truth, any seasonal transition is the perfect time to declutter and deep clean. As we say goodbye to the long, hot days of summer, it’s important to prepare for cooler nights and more time spent indoors by putting away the  pool toys and giving your softest blankets a good wash. As they say - out with the old, in with the new. 


You skin deserves a good end-of-season cleanse too. Just think of all the oils, products, and environmental stresses your skin has faced during the summer months. One too many beach days may have left you with one too many sunburns or bouts of dehydration. 


To properly purify your skin from the inside out will take more than just your daily cleanser. 


The beginning of fall is a perfect time to treat yourself to a luxe facial or full-on spa day. You can create your own treatment at home, or leave it to the professionals and book yourself an appointment with an esthetician or facialist. Whichever method you choose, be sure to prioritize exfoliation to turn over tired, old skin cells and detoxification to root out deep impurities. Products like InstaNatural’s Glycolic Peel and Dead Sea Mud Mask are a perfect fit to clean up your skin and get you ready for whatever fall has in store. 



 InstaNatural - Vitamin C Moisturizer

One of the most important product changes to make from summer to fall is swapping out your moisturizer. The hot temperatures and humidity of summer have most of us focused on products that control oil and protect against the sun. While lighter, oil-free lotions might work well in hotter months, you’ll want to rely on something thicker and creamier come autumn.


Pair a moisture boosting oil-based product like Vitamin C Moisturizer during the day with a renewing nighttime pick (like our Retinol Moisturizer). For particularly dry skin or cold temps, consider adding a more substantial moisturizing oil, like Marula Oil, in the mix.


If you spend a lot of time indoors where central air is circulated, considering keeping a nourishing mist or toner in your bag or on your desk for on-the-go hydration. Rose Water is a great choice, with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 




Though your gorgeous face deserves plenty of attention, remember that it’s not the only area of skin exposed to the elements.


Fall is a great time to stock up on a rich and quick-absorbing hand moisturizer. Because your hands are put to work more than the skin on your face, considering a more heavy-duty, cream based product available in a larger quantity.


This is also a great time to treat your lips to a sweet, exfoliating treatment to turn over dead cells and boost the production of new ones. Remember that lips are more delicate than most other skin on your face, so you’ll want to use a milder, lip-specific exfoliant. Sugar scrubs are a gentler - and sweet-smelling - option. 


After refreshing your lips, make sure to give them plenty of moisture. Get prepped with a balm or ointment that truly moisturizes - rather than simply soothes - dry lips. Products containing beeswax, shea butter, and oil-based emollients are a good bet. 


Being that lip skin is some of the thinnest on your body, be sure to include SPF in your daily products, preferably SPF 15 or higher. 




Temperatures may be dropping, but the sun can still shine bright and cause serious damage to your skin. Ultraviolet rays (such as UVA and UVB) are just as strong in sweater weather, so protect any exposed skin (like hands, neck, chest, and face) every day. 


Since you probably won’t be slathering on sunscreen head to toe these days, look for area-specific products with SPF. Lip balms, facial moisturizers, and hand creams should all keep you protected as well as moisturized. 


Since natural skin care is obviously a priority, look for mineral-based sun protectants with ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Unlike chemical sunscreen ingredients, which absorb UV rays and expel them as heat, mineral-based products physically block out harmful rays with a protective barrier. Mineral sunscreens can sometimes carry a white cast, so be sure to find something specially formulated to blend well. You may even prefer a tinted facial sunscreen matched to your skin tone. 


As you make the move into fall, don’t forget to make time to care for yourself. These updates are simple to make, and will keep your skin healthy, fresh, and beautiful well into winter.


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Julia Lawler is a freelance writer specializing in health, wellness, and relationships. Her favorite InstaNatural product is the Vitamin C serum, which has worked wonders for her hyperpigmentation. You can find her at onwordwriting.com